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Florida Panthers v Ottawa Senators

When the Toronto Maple Leafs travel to Ottawa to play the Senators, there’s usually (always?) a sizable number of Leafs’ fans who make the trip, because A) tickets are cheaper than they are in Toronto and B) you can actually get them. This leads to a less-than-ideal atmosphere for a “home game” if you’re the Sens.

The solution, then, would be to keep Leafs fans the hell out of the building…but how exactly do you do that? Well, the Sens think they may have the answer. Read the rest of this entry »

With the NHL season set to get underway in just a few hours, every team will enter this shortened season with hopes of making the playoffs.

Las Vegas,  who of course gives betters the chance to wager on Stanley Cup odds, recently listed their projected win totals for each team this coming season.

A quick look shows the Rangers, Penguins and Canucks as the top teams, with the Islanders and Blue Jackets destined for poor seasons.

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(Allison Joyce, Getty Images)

One of the biggest differences between the current NHL lockout and the one that occurred in 2004-05 is the ubiquity of social media. Facebook was launched in 2004, but wasn’t available to non-students until 2006, the same year Twitter was first introduced. While other social media sites existed at the time, they had nowhere near the impact or influence of either of these two sites.

Now, a company called Fizziology is trying to use the ubiquity of social media to figure out what fans are saying about the lockout and what that might mean for the NHL in the future. In essence, they’re treating all of social media like one massive focus group.

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I can dig what Glendale is going for here. If my city were footing the bill for an NHL team it couldn’t afford I’d like to not have the team named after a different city.

So…the Arizona Coyotes it shall (likely) be!

From “Sports Document’, this:

One of the quirks of the draft arena management deal (the City of Glendale, where the Coyotes play, will be paying the Jamison group $320 million over 20 years to run the rink), requires the new team owner to change the franchise’s name, so long as said move is “commercially reasonable”:

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One of the few positive sides to the lockout is that no one is getting concussed in the NHL right now, unless the discussions in the negotiating room are getting a bit more heated than we are hearing from the media. Over the last two seasons, the hockey world has been overly obsessed with the concussion and recovery of Sidney Crosby. Thanks to the lockout, the hockey world is obsessed with wondering when Crosby will head overseas to play in Europe and where he’ll play when he gets there. Clearly, a vast improvement.

The problem of concussions in hockey hasn’t gone away, however. With that in mind, I was intrigued to see a product aimed at diagnosing concussions on last night’s episode of Dragon’s Den. The Shockbox netted a $350,000 investment from Jim Treliving for 10% of the company.

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“A lot” is subjective, I suppose, but compared to other sports, hockey’s top stars are hardly raking in the dough outside the value of their contracts.

Forbes released their list of hockey’s top earners (endorsements in), which included most of the names you’d expect…save for the inclusion of Scott Gomez. That just doesn’t seem right.

Crosby and Ovechkin topped the list. In general, I was floored guys didn’t earn more – it just falls off after the top few names. Evgeni Malkin, league-leading scorer and Hart Trophy winner makes $400k? I thought his gear deal alone would be more than that. I guess it is a niche game after all.

Forbes listed 15 players as top earners – here they are, ranked by how much they made in endorsement money last year:

1. Sidney Crosby $4 M (Gatorade, Reebok, Bell Canada, Tim Hortons and others.)
2. Alex Ovechkin $2.5M (Nike, Gatorade, Bauer…demand will increase before 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.)
3. Jonathan Toews $1.2 M
4. Jarome Iginla $750k (As evidenced by this and Toews earnings “bring-home-to-your-mom-able-ness is worth a lot of money in hockey.)
5.  Steven Stamkos $800k
6. Evgeni Malkin $400k
7. Eric Staal $250k
8. Zach Parise $200k
9. Rick Nash $150k
10. Vincent Lecavalier $150k
11. Marian Gaborik $150k
12. Shea Weber $100k
13. Scott Gomez $100k
14. Dany Heatley $75k
15. Ryan Suter $50k

Today Forbes magazine released it’s estimation of the worth of each of the 30 NHL teams (in slideshow form! How Bleacher Report-y), that led with a headline similar to the one I’ve got above.

They list the following facts on the Leafs:

Team value: $1,000 million
Owners: Rogers Communications, Bell Canada
Revenue 2011-12: $200 million
Operating income 2011-12: $81.9 million

Yup. A thousand million dollars.

The Rangers came in second, with an estimated franchise worth of $750 million, and the Canadiens came in third, at $575 million.

A really cool fact: the top 6 teams – The Leafs, Rangers, Canadiens, Blackhawks, Bruins and Red Wings – are the exact composition of the Original Six (that’s in order, by the way). Read the rest of this entry »