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"Dude, we need more cap space."

Earlier today Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy wrote a post on an interesting part of the proposed CBA, which would allow teams to trade their unused cap space (up to four million dollars worth, anyway) to teams in need of it. (The info was first reported by Larry Brooks and John Shannon.)

As Greg noted, the concept is actually rather appealing if teams get back picks or prospects in return. A salary floor team could trade some of it’s cap space they aren’t using anyway, and improve their team in the long run. As an Isles fan, I’d say “Yes please” to that. Read the rest of this entry »

A link to this letter was posted to Reddit Hockey shortly after the announced Weber signing.

Here’s the message from ownership to their fans:
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There’s Luke Schenn in the middle, between Claude Giroux and brother Brayden Schenn, sporting his brand spanking new 22.
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Last year I had the distinct privilege of travelling with theScore to cover the Winter Classic, and without a doubt, the Alumni Game was the biggest surprise of the trip. It was packed, people cared, and cheered with nearly as much vigour as they did for the real game. The chants of “Bernie” for Parent was probably the coolest, loudest moment of the weekend.

Having seen many alumni games in my time, this truly caught me off guard (they’re usually comparable to eating super-dry turkey. Could be worse, still not all that pleasurable). But with this year being two teams with an undying love of their team’s history, I’ll be much better prepared for the energy.

Who will the Leafs trot out? The Red Wings? ANSWERS REVEALED BELOW.

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The Oklahoma City Thunder were one of 10 NBA teams to use SportsVU technology to gain an information advantage over their opponents. (Mike Ehrmann, Getty Images)

The future of advanced statistical analysis in hockey is happening right now. The only problem is that it’s happening in basketball.

There are two massive obstacles to the advancement of statistical analysis in hockey, in my opinion. One is the speed and complexity of the game, which makes it difficult to track and isolate specific events. A game like baseball lends itself well to advanced statistics because it is so easily parsed into individual events that can be quantified and analysed. In hockey, it’s extremely difficult to isolate events beyond the obvious, like faceoffs and shots. It’s one of the reasons why a lot of advanced statistical analysis revolves around attempted shots: they’re one of the few isolated, individual events that are available to be analysed.

The second obstacle is the accuracy of the data. Because statistics are compiled by human scorers at each rink, human error and bias enter into the picture, making it difficult to trust their accuracy. For instance, Colorado Avalanche scorekeepers tend to record significantly more shots on goal than league average, while the New Jersey Devils scorekeepers significantly undercount shots. Madison Square Garden scorekeepers consistently get shot location wrong, sometimes by as much as 20 feet, and NHL scorekeepers as a whole apparently can’t even decide where the faceoff dots are.

The technology for overcoming both of these obstacles already exists: it’s called SportsVU and it is currently invading the NBA. While it has a lot of potential to revolutionize basketball statistics, the potential for the technology in hockey is even greater.

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In the excellent Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life, George Bailey talks about the greatest sounds in the world, and has the audacity to leave the sound of a puck hitting the post off his list. I suppose it was the 40′s and guys didn’t shoot like they do now, so I’ll excuse him.

As a forward, I’m biased towards a certain type of sound – I wrote this for Puck Daddy a couple years ago in my “5 things I love about hockey” post, explaining what I love about it.

That miniscule, high-pitched “TING!” that’s barely audible when you score just inside the post and catch just the tiniest piece of it. Not the metallic “thud” of a puck hitting the post solid. Only those crazy goalies like that one.

It’s the perfect shot – as far to the outskirts of the net as possible without having the puck rejected like a basketball off the back of the rim. Ideally, the “ting!” would come from the top-corner, off the elbow, glove hand. That’s the good stuff right there. And if you’re lucky, the net is wound super-tight, so it spits the puck right back out, making you feel like you’re packing Ovechkin-style heat (you’re not).

As I mentioned, when it’s the dull clang of solid contact, it can be pretty disheartening. That’s the stuff that leaves you staring at the ceiling at night, agonizing over fractions of inches.

Today, Dirk Hoag of The Forechecker posted a list of the guys who had their hearts ripped out by that sound the most this season, and awarded the title of Lord of the Pings.

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Mitch Albom did a two-hour sit-down interview with recently-retired future Hall-of-Famer Nick Lidstrom, and it’s well worth your time.

Of all the comments the Red Wings ex-captain made, I found the one on how technology has changed locker room culture most interesting. That culture, for hockey teams, extends beyond the room and onto buses and into hotel rooms and more.

The quotes:

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