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Adjusted form, one would assume.

Claude Giroux spent this NHL season threatening the NHL’s scoring lead, and improving his beerability index just about every time he opened his mouth. Well, the above picture doesn’t do anything to hurt that ranking either.

Giroux just had surgery on both his wrists (one needed a bone chip removed, the other had some torn cartilage), and the season just ended, so now’s the time to get the partying out of his system. Y’know, like that other young buck that likes to have a good time, Patrick Kane.

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A quick story before you check the video out:

Chad Brownlee, myself, Matt Waddell and Mark Nelson showed up to Vernon Vipers’ training camp having “signed” to be a part of their Junior A (BCHL) team in 2001. A dozen others had as well, but two years later, it was just the four of us left standing, holding a trophy. We got along well from the very beginning.

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Earlier today I wrote my opinion on why Roberto Luongo told reporters he’d waive his no-trade clause, which you can read here.

The interview in which he says that is worth watching, if for no other reason than the fact that Luongo is a tough guy to figure out, and sometimes his body language is more telling than his words. (By the way, his words kind of make it feel like he’s trying to heap pressure on Corey Schneider – “He’s going to dominate this league for 10, 12, 15 years” - but maybe I’m over-scrutinizing there.)

You can decide for yourself after giving it a look: do you think he wants out of Vancouver?

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I picked this picture for a reason.

This is an interesting time of pandemonium in the province of Quebec. The Montreal Canadiens are in relative shambles after the disaster that was the Martin-Gauthier era. Quebec City has put itself on the market as a house looking for a tenant. For the vast range of emotion that has made its way through the area there is an underlying optimism that points to a scene ready to change, ready to move on, ready to improve.

Not shockingly, Patrick Roy, the man who was the face of hockey in Quebec for (literally) the duration of his career is at the forefront of this transition. Not only is he being linked to the coaching and GM positions available in Montreal, he is also being tied to the role(s) with the team that seems to be inevitably returning to Quebec City.

For what it’s worth, Roy has enjoyed a fair amount of success at the helm of the Quebec Remparts so it’s not as though he’s new to the player personnel or coaching side of things. This isn’t a guy who is looking to learn, this is a guy who is looking to take the next step.

On Friday he pointed out that he would happily make the jump to the NHL.
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One of these guys gets paid well, the other puts up numbers. They are not the same guy

On March 6th, Backhand Shelf took a look at, and noted the NHL’s best cost-per-point players – it’s always fun to do towards the end of the season. Today however, we’re going to be Negative Nancy’s, and look at the worst.

Here’s a list of those who are dead-last, with some caveats first:

Injuries play a role in this list, as some guys haven’t had the opportunity to play enough games to actually score points. There is a 10-game minimum (to eliminate all the 9-game tryout youngsters that would populate the list), but some of these names didn’t get in many games this year.

There’s also the caveat that some guys are defensive defensemen, and their job isn’t to score goals.

Still, it’s always fun to take a peak – check out Bang4YourPuck here for more (and follow them on Twitter – @Bang4YourPuck), but only after you look at the worst cost-per-point players in the NHL.

Oh my goodness, is that Scott Gomez’s music?!

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The first “Because it’s the Cup” ad that the NHL is running as we head towards the playoffs is, for lack of a better word, bad. It’s one of those things that tries hard to make you feel something, but comes off forced.

But earlier today Puck Daddy ran the release of some of the new team and player-centric ads, and I gotta say – these have potential.

Below are the four new commercials, and I’d like you to let me know if I’m crazy, or if you’re with me – these are pretty good, aren’t they?

On the current Stanley Cup champions, and their run at a repeat:

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Spring football practice starts today for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, so yesterday they kicked things off with a press conference held by Head Coach Brian Kelly.

The once-elite Fighting Irish have struggled of late, largely because of their issues at quarterback. Heading into this season they have four guys who could legitimately end up with the University’s coveted, pressure-packed QB job. The spotlight will burn bright on whoever wins that competition.

When asked about their situation in the press conference, Coach Kelly found reason to reference the Toronto Maple Leafs and Hockey Night in Canada because, hey, don’t all college football coaches?

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