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We’re nearing that ever-ominous September 15 deadline, friends. When it hits we will officially be locked out; it is going to happen. The sooner we come to grips with this the better our lives will be — acceptance is the first step to recovery.

For players overseas this is a time of great trepidation. The reality is slowly setting in that unless you are a star on your club you could very well be out of a job soon, or at least in heavy competition to keep the one you have once NHLers head your way. (The ethical conundrum of NHLers shipping off is another matter which I hope to address next week)

The fact is many hockey players will soon have to go home to their families and tell their loved ones that they’ve been put out of a job by a National Hockey League player. For many, it will as simple as “Player X is here now, and he took my job” but for others, it will be the beginning of a gutwrenching path of deception to conceal the identity of said replacement player.

Some replacements are more embarrassing than others.
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