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Big KHL fan

Fully saturated on stories about the latest CBA proposal from the owners, I set out to do something different: find a hockey highlight or two to remember why I follow this damn sport to begin with.

Naturally, I headed immediately to the website of the best league in the world right now (gag), the KHL. One would assume the World’s Best League would have a pretty rad website too. Yes, RAD. Speaking of, yesterday I stumbled across Alexander Radulov, but today’s find was even better.

“KHL TV” brought me to this page: Read the rest of this entry »

I had commented in an earlier post that there aren’t a lot of recognizable names atop the scoring lists of European hockey leagues. More accurately, there aren’t a lot of NHL players.

Alexander Radulov is certainly a recognizable name that’s up there, having spent parts of multiple seasons with Nashville, including his most recent stop, a messy affair that led to his suspension during a crucial Predators playoff game.

For all the things that have ever been written and/or said about Radulov, one statement is noticeably absent: “he isn’t good.” The reason for this being of course, that Alexander Radulov is an excellent hockey player.

Get this: according to Wikipedia Radulov is the KHL’s all-time leading scorer (can that be true? He turned 26 in July) with 254 points. He’s a three-time league MVP and a Gagarin Cup champion (that’s their Stanley Cup, BTW). This season Radulov once again finds himself atop the KHL’s scoring leaderboard, which brings me to the sole reason for this post: the leader gets their headshot posted on the “stats” front page, and AHHHHHHHHHHHH RUNNNNNNNNNN………… Read the rest of this entry »