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I think we gave up quite early in the search for the worst forward in the National Hockey League. mc79hockey has a post up this week talking about sub-40 players:

If you keep your eye on the Corsi numbers, you notice that Lennart Petrell is posting a spectacularly bad number – his Corsi% is currently 32%. Last year, he was at 39.6%. This got me interested in something: what happens to sub-40% Corsi guys? Looking at seasons of 300 minutes or more, there are 29 of these guys in the BTN era, which started in 2007-08.

17 of these guys are no longer active in the NHL. For eight of them (Jeff Cowan, Jim Dowd, Jeff Giuliano, Byron Ritchie, Scott Thornton, Dan Hinote, Todd Marchant and Jon Sim), a sub 40% Corsi season was the end of the line.

Anyhow, I don’t want to quote the whole post, but Tyler has some interesting facts about what happened to those sub-40 players like Dowd and Hinote, and our favourite, Ryan Johnson, who played a grand total of 48 regular season and playoff games after Don Cherry assured us Johnson was a player that every coach would want on his team.

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Lennart Petrell, bein' mental on fellow crappy player Rod Pelley.

About a month ago, I spent a few weeks toying around with a project that attempted to identify firmly, objectively, and catagorically the worst forwards in the NHL. It didn’t work out, mostly because, while I am an ardent supporter of the fancystats revolution, there are still a lot of issues to be resolved involving how one should weight various pieces of data against each other, particularly where a broad and somewhat subjective term like ‘worst’ is involved. Make up a big chart with all the columns, your Corsis and Fenwicks and zonestarts and qualcomps and this-that-and-the-others, and you can get a pretty decent idea in your own mind of who the worst players are, but proving certainly that this one is worse than that one is a difficult thing.

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