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Lemieux and Burkle in the Cup parade. (From

Reports this mornings are that the players and owners met again for a short while, but separated so the owners could attend their 11a.m. Board of Governor’s meeting. They plan to reconvene after, and could work well into the night again.

I’ve been perusing the hockey webz pretty aggressively today, so I thought I’d compile some of the most relevant posts on the recent advances in the CBA talks.


Penguins’ Crosby, Burkle take charge in NHL talks (Elliotte Friedman on how progress has come about from behind the scenes)

Overshadowed by the other news from yesterday was this question: If these talks continue the positive momentum, are Bettman and Fehr out of the picture for good?

Will disgruntled NHL owners stand up to Gary Bettman over length of lockout? (Bruce Garrioch on Bettman’s future post-lockout)

“I would think the owners who haven’t said anything are going to finally have their say after they get updated on where the discussions are at because nobody is happy where this is at,” said a league insider Tuesday. “Most certainly, (Bettman) has his allies, but if one owner who isn’t happy with the fact that the business is being damaged by this lockout stands up, then I think you could see a group of owners stand up to have their say. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekend Links: Start the Bidding

Can you feel the moderate excitement in the air? Oh yes, free agency is about to begin and you can practically feel NHL GMs salivating and getting ready to pounce like an animal in the wild? Or, you know, not and they’re just by their phones, ready to start calling players in the hopes of adding them to a flawed roster (unless you’re the Flyers who seem to just get everybody anyway).

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Weekend Links: Game On

Aw yeah.

Hello, old friends, it’s been too long. Anything happen in the last two weeks that I missed? Oh, the Draft? Probably should have been up on that. Free agency rumors? Brodeur, really? Wow. The things that happen when you look away. Anyway, lack of awareness aside, it’s nice to be back.

I come here today to discuss something very near and dear to my heart. Something, I would think, that many of us can relate to. Let’s go all the way back to the dark times of 1994. My sporting purview was very different back in those days. I think I’ve mentioned that I was not exactly a hockey fan when I was a young’n, I mean, I liked it, but it wasn’t something I was dropping everything for. I was always partial to baseball (a fact likely helped along by living in Toronto in the early 90s) and hockey was that sport that everyone seemed wild about but I just didn’t get. It took me years to figure out what an offside was and icing, how does that make sense? I was not super quick on the uptake as a child.

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Weekend Links: Cover Me

So, it’s been almost a week since hockey has been a thing. How’s everyone holding up? Finding things to do on your weekends? Sadly sitting on couches, clutching a mini-stick of your favourite team and rocking back and forth, telling yourself that Don Cherry still loves you and he’ll see you again soon? No? So it’s just me then.

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Forgive the horrible title, please. It’s Sunday morning/afternoon.

Well, this series just got a whole lot more interesting. For so many reasons (including ones that Bourne thinks I need therapy for, like what I outlined yesterday) I am glad that this series is continuing. But, while watching the game last night, a friend of mine said something I found interesting. He pointed out that while the Devils are making this a real series, they also have to fly cross country to Los Angeles for game 6. He claimed it was a detriment to the Devils, I wasn’t so sure, he called me an idiot, I agreed but still didn’t think it was a detriment to the Devils. So let’s take a look at this, shall we? There’s a chance this turns into 350 words of me basically stating my side of an argument with my friend, but, you know…narrative and stuff.

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I have a weird obsession when I watch sports. This one isn’t about stats, I promise. I have no idea if this obsession is unique to me (it’s probably not) but whenever I bring it up around people I know I always get a semi-weird reaction. This is not wholly unusual for me as I’m generally a semi-weird person but there’s usually a better reason to get looked at like that. Or maybe people I know just take this stuff too seriously. Probably both. Now I’ve lost myself again. I do this a lot. Right, my thing. It happens moreso when I watch highlights rather than watching a game live (though I suppose replays play into this as well) but when I watch a goal scored, a game end, a home run hit, whatever, I love watching the reaction of the crowd. Even the bench. If you’re celebrating on the ice/field/court/what have you then good for you, but I’m not watching. At this point you might be asking “Jake, why the hell are you telling us this on a hockey blog?” and it would be a valid question. I’m telling you this because I really don’t want the Kings to win game 5.

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Monday Links: In A Future Age

As you may or may not know (but, let’s be real, if you’re reading this blog you probably do) the Toronto Marlies are in the Calder Cup finals. It is not going super well. This was to be expected, somewhat, as the Norfolk Admirals are all sorts of really good but I have to say that the run to the final was pretty fun. Especially for a winning-starved city like Toronto. I will admit that the team didn’t capture the interest of the city like I had originally expected. At first I thought we would see a “Memorial Cup during the NHL lockout” level of interest from my fellow Torontonians, either out of boredom or out of desperation, but, alas, this was not to be.

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