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Minnesota Wild v Calgary Flames

First off, just so fans of the Flames and the Wild know, I’m going to take this seriously. That said, I am live-blogging a Flames/Wild game in the middle of February, so not that seriously.

Here’s why this is happening: everyday on the Backhand Shelf Podcast, Jake Goldsbie and I pick a “lock” winner. We scan the schedule and say “the Kings are going to beat Columbus” (I think I literally lost on that once this year). You get one point for correctly calling a favourite to win, which should be easy but hockey is a gambling nightmare, and two for picking an underdog. At the end of the week, whoever wins gets to assign the other guy to cover a game he normally wouldn’t watch (what we would call a “generally not-that-interesting game). In this case, Goldsbie didn’t just want me to write about Flames/Wild, he wanted a live blog.

The truth? I wasn’t that bummed about his pick. I find both teams fairly interesting. Uh oh. Puck drop. Let’s get this going! Excuse any spelling/grammar errors – this will be pretty stream-of-consciousness.

16:52: Do live-blogs go up or down? Seriously. Do I post above this or below after? Oh this is off to a terrible start.

16:05: Those white Minnesota Wild jerseys are 63,345,425,000 times better than their red Christmas tree sweaters. The Flames, on the other, need a total makeover. Or just their thirds. Yeah, their thirds would work just fine.

Random: how much of a jersey golden age was it that everyone – Isles, Oil, Flames etc – look so much better in the old digs? The late 90s, early 2000s were a mess.

 13:30: We’re calling him Who-dler, not Hud-ler? Really? I’ve been doing it wrong, apparently.



I like that idea, Pat. I will, definitely at intermission.

12:08: “Fan right or Fan wrong” is a feature that Sportsnet (or whoever) needs to absolutely bury. “Should you murder your seat-mate at intermission? Text 98787 to vote!” Read the rest of this entry »