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It’s tough to be a fan of the Columbus Blue Jackets during a normal season – a lack of respect, minimal stars and a lack of success all contribute to that. As an Islanders fan, I feel their pain. But even as an Isles fan, I can’t quite relate to their misery of late. Rick Nash is gone, their All-Star Game has been cancelled, and now this:

Columbus took Murray with the second overall pick, and assuming the NHL were to have a season this year, were likely counting on him to crack the roster.

At the very least, they’d like him playing somewhere and developing, instead of sitting on the couch watching the seconds tick past, waiting to heal.

In sum: ouch.


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Whatever, at least it's not a picture of Fehr or Bettman.

UPDATE: Holy crap. Because he, apparently, really, really wanted to talk to Sarah Silverman, Guy Serota has been removed from the process. Seriously.

Because these negotiations weren’t already a total joke. This is what has become of the sport we love, people, even when we finally get a mediator we don’t entirely get a mediator. Because of Twitter. The internet is a scary beast, folks. I mean, this probably won’t have any real affect on the negotiations, as Serota will likely be replaced by someone who doesn’t feel the need to share his deep ruminations about the band Paramore, but seriously, guys.


For the first time in as long as I can remember, something approaching sanity has occurred in the NHL labor negotiations. According to all of Twitter (so it must be true), the NHL and NHLPA have hired a federal mediator to help them find common ground and let us watch some hockey. This is potentially good news as having literally anyone not named Gary Bettman or Don Fehr taking the reins in negotiations is almost certainly a good thing. Unfortunately for all of us, Fehr and Bettman are still very much involved. Still, any news that doesn’t involve news of the two sides being far apart is good news, I think. Read the rest of this entry »

Uh, yeah. Never mind. Sorry, guys.

Well, we knew this was coming.

According to our moral barometer, Darren Dreger, the NHL is set to cancel games through December 14th as well as cancelling All-Star Weekend in Columbus. No, I’m serious, look.

And, as Dreger so declared it to be, within the hour it was cancelled indeed.

Honestly, at this point I can’t even get mad about this shit anymore. It’s just another in a long series of fan face-punching from Gary Bettman and the NHL. Yes, cancelling games makes a certain amount of sense considering all that’s going on and having and, even with a shortened season, an All-Star game after a month of games doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The cancellation will see the loss of 96 regular-season games and we’re getting pretty close to the moment where salvaging any season is just kind of pointless.

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I am getting so tired of posting pictures of you people.

Bill Daly and Steve Fehr went on The Fan 590 today to talk lockout and, of course, it brought no news and was just kind of depressing. Daly made it clear that the NHL is not scared by the notion of decertification (yeah, okay, whatever Bill) and that it is not a valid path to a deal getting done. Fehr, on the other hand, let us know that the players are not prepared to make any new proposals and that the idea that the two sides are “a billion dollars apart,” as Bettman claimed is entirely false. It was not super fun to listen to. The end of the lockout is not in sight, my friends. Not at all.

One somewhat hopeful note, I guess, is that Fehr said that he doesn’t see any reason for talks to break off completely nor is there any point in setting a deadline. Of course, he then condescendingly brought up all the deadlines that Bettman has created in the past so who knows? Fehr refused to address the notion of decertification but, I mean, they’ve got to be at least talking about it, right? Maybe?

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The Twitters are all abuzz this afternoon, as rumours out of the NHL/NHLPA CBA meeting seem to be relatively positive. The word on the street? The latest offer from the PA has them just $182 million apart over five years from the NHL. Here’s the reaction so far:

Damn. Too late.

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Crosby, at a Bieber concert. SWAGGY.

Canadian mainstream musical exports, as a general rule, are just atrocious (I say as a self-aware Canadian). Over the past handful of years, Justin Bieber has come swooping in to steal the crown from Nickelback as “export we’re most embarrassed of.”

The great part about Bieber to date, is that his music isn’t even “guilty pleasure” good, so I can accurately state that the music, and everything about his “swagged-out” cultivated image, is just truly terrible (despite his natural talent).

While you’re welcome to like whatever music you like, possibly the World’s Greatest Hockey Player, a representative of the NHL, should not be allowed to attend Bieber concerts. I mean, for the good of the game and our collective pride, at least. And yet…it happened. I feel like I should be more surprised by this.

Sid (and apparently Tyler Kennedy), if I may quote NFL Gameday…C’mon, man.

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Claude Giroux, shown here with linemate Not Jaromir Jagr (Andre Rankel)

Nobody is exactly sure what the extent of the injury is yet, but here’s the short of it on Claude Giroux right now, from Travis Hughes of Broad St. Hockey:

Claude Giroux is returning home to North America for “precautionary tests” after suffering a check to the head last week in a game for Eisbären Berlin in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga. That’s the news from Oliver Koch at, the first news outlet to report Giroux’s original injury.

The Google translation of Koch’s report indicates that Giroux will head to Atlanta for tests, a move that was agreed upon by Eisbären. Read the rest of this entry »