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It’s the counterargument to those who want to see 3-on-3 added after the initial 4-on-4 overtime: 3-on-3 is as much of a gimmick as the shootout.

More accurately, it’s the counterargument from people who apparently huff paint.

Considering 3-on-3 hockey equal with the shootout in terms of “here’s an actual hockey way to solve a hockey game” can only be the opinion of someone totally guessing.

I don’t have to tell you what hockey is – it’s defending, and positional play, and anticipation, and scoring, which you accomplish by generating chances and defending opponents. It’s a lot of things. There are, if I may understate, several moving parts.

I’ve seen the argument that it’s as much of a gimmick as the shootout - or more of one, if you read Ryan Lambert’s column this morning –  because 3-on-3 happens less than penalty shots in the NHL. Well, no kidding. Fights happen more than penalty shots, but you don’t settle games by using those because they have so little to do with the actual play of the game.

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Teams are built to succeed in different ways, and by making them trot out their three best breakaway guys you’re taking that out of their hands. The Nashville Predators depend on solid team defense, and they rely heavily on Shea Weber to make scoring a living hell for opponents. Trot out our best three shooters? They’re 1-7 in shootouts. If they’re even 4-4, they’re in the playoff hunt.

The New Jersey Devils surpress shots better than any team in the league, which has them within a whisper of playoffs despite their offensive struggles. 0-8 in shootouts.

Do you believe that if the Devils or Predators were given the chance to play endless Real Hockey OT they’d be a combined 1-15? Of course you don’t. So we should at least allow them more time to try to gain points using the strengths they believe they have. It wouldn’t make sense for the NBA to settle games with a dunk contest when some teams choose to build around playmakers like Steve Nash.

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Quebec City has received an immense amount of pity for the last 18 months. The Remparts, under Patrick Roy, have garnered their fair share of fame but the scale of adoration isn’t quite the same. Across the country, when the Jets landed back in Winnipeg, the question became concerned with when the Nordiques would make their triumphant return. Their fans have been popping up all over the NHL — the Nassau Coliseum is likely sick of seeing them — but the message has been sent through loud and clear.

They would like NHL hockey back in La Belle Province.
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Is Ondrej Pavelec serious?

We’d been hearing rumors for a while now that Ondrej Pavelec might not be long for Winnipeg or, indeed, the National Hockey League.

As recently as a few weeks ago, it was rumored that the KHL had expressed in interest in the Jets’ Czech goaltender and was, as is the league’s wont, willing to offer him a bunch of money. That seemed reasonable enough. Pavelec is a decent enough goaltender behind a very bad team who, given the quality of the KHL, could become a dominant force in the way that Kari Ramo has been for the last two seasons. This is a league, after all, in which Kevin Dallman is unequivocally the best two-way defenseman, having scored no fewer than 12 goals and 39 points in 53 or more games. Kevin Dallman.

And that was all well and good, because he’s going to be a restricted free agent after having cost slightly more than a million dollars against the cap last season, and was more or less universally adjudged to have been the Jets’ team MVP, faint praise though that might have been. Pretty good reason to go seeking a raise, for sure.

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