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Bet I can tell you who will win this puck battle (Getty)

Bet I can tell you who will win this puck battle (Getty)

The Los Angeles Kings have won six playoff rounds in the last two seasons mostly because of their crazy-hot goaltender, but partly because of a generally un-heralded top line winger—Justin Williams.

Now, there’s no way to know that if Williams hadn’t scored twice in Game 7, or if he never existed, that another King wouldn’t have. One goal drastically changes the balance of strategies in any game, never mind a low-scoring one, so it’s not fair to say that if Williams had been replaced with a stock first line winger, the Kings wouldn’t have won that game against San Jose.

But they did, and Williams fits into an odd category of player. He is good at everything, yet appears to be dynamite at two things: puck possession, and scoring in Game 7s.

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St. Louis Blues defenseman Roman Polak decided to get into a “let’s throw fists at faces” competition with the LA Kings’ Kyle Clifford.

This was a poor idea.

Both Polak’s face and pride must be hurt after that right-hand.

(Video via hockeyfightsdotcom)

Every single person in Los Angeles got a tattoo after the Kings won the Stanley Cup. Not like, a few people. Not a dozen, but like, all of the people who live within the city limits, and most of the people who live in California. At least that’s how it appears.

The great Kings blog “The Royal Half” has a feature up where they compiled all the pics people sent into the LA’s Twitter feed when the Kings requested that people send in shots of their fresh tats. There’s like, a million of them.

I honestly had no idea so many people did this to celebrate sporting wins. At least the Kings have cool colours and a great logo, otherwise this could really be a mess. Read the rest of this entry »

Dustin Penner sent Dustin Brown a tweet yesterday, which Mike Richards took the opportunity to retweet. It was hilarious.

I don’t know what it is about Dustin Brown – maybe it’s the goofy grin, maybe it’s the way he talks, maybe it’s the missing teeth (seriously, put your teeth in already, dude), but he comes off as a little slow at times.

Not like he cares – he just captained the Kings to a Stanley Cup title – but c’mon, this is hilarious. Read the rest of this entry »

There was a stretch of hockey during the Kings Stanley Cup run, specifically during the Phoenix series, where Dwight King was scoring all teh goalz. He had four in three games, and all the sudden a lot of fans, myself included, found ourselves having a “Wait, who’s that guy” moment.

I laughed him off a bit (I’m sure there’s podcasts that’d back that up), because he’s kinda of a goofy looking, big hulking dude who, at a glance, you would think is an enforcer. I mean, he’s huge.

Still, he kept doing things that made me sit up and take notice in playoffs. If you recall the third goal the Kings scored on their now-infamous Three Goal Powerplay in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final, he comes up the ice with a lot of speed for a guy who’s 6’3″ and some 234 pounds, drives wide, puts the puck under the d-man’s stick (that’s the part that gets me – skills), and gets the puck to the dangerous part of the ice. Then Trevor Lewis puts it home, and King has one of his two assists in the Cup-clinching game. Read the rest of this entry »

Bernie Nicholls is one of eight players to ever surpass the 70 goal plateau in a single season, and one of only five plays to notch 150 points in one, as his Twitter bio proudly reminds us.

In 2012 he returned to the place it happened, the Los Angeles Kings organization, to be a coaching consultant, a vague title which likely means “One of our franchise’s biggest names, so we’d like to keep him in the mix.”  Nicholls is a ridiculously great guy too, so you can’t fault the Kings for scooping him back up.

Nicholls never won a Stanley Cup during his playing days, but his new front office role with Los Angeles counted enough to get him a day with Lord Stanley.

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