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The Kontinental and National Hockey Leagues don’t have a transfer agreement in place that ensures the respective leagues honour the other’s contracts. What they have is an understanding, which sounds suitably Godfather-esque. This memorandum of understanding simply lays out the expectation that the two sides will respect contracts – you have your territory and I have mine – without it actually being illegal for a player to bolt one league and play for the other.

That’s why when there were rumblings that some players were planning on staying in the KHL even after the lockout ended, there was some concern that they were serious and that the KHL and NHL were about to throw down. But now the only player still holding out is Lubomir Visnovsky, which pretty much precludes any chance of a royal rumble. Visnovsky is just not the kind of player for whom the KHL will fight.

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Well, here we sit, September 12th, and the current NHL collective bargaining agreement expires on the 15th. I think it’s safe to say most of us are nervous about what’s about to happen.

More on that at the bottom of the post – let’s look at a few pieces of info and interest from around the hockey world today.


Today was Lubomir Visnovsky’s arbitration hearing about his “trade” to the Islanders – he maintained that since he got traded with a no-trade clause on his way to Anaheim (or at least he thought he had one, for some reason), that he still had one, and Anaheim had no right to deal him to a team that wasn’t on his list. Read the rest of this entry »

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OMG, you guys, did you hear? Dion Phaneuf proposed to his now-fiance Elisha Cuthbert and she said YESSSSSS. Cray cray.

By all accounts (okay, one), they had 40-some people go to a lobster restaurant in PEI, where he proposed. At least he didn’t do it like this asshole.

How is this news relevant to you, you ask?

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