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Ola, and welcome to Backhand Shelf’s very first mailbag, which I’ll try to incorporate every week going forward. You can fire your questions to me on Twitter (hashtag #BShelf), on Facebook, or in good ‘ol fashioned email form at Email qualifies as “old fashioned” by now, doesn’t it?

So let’s dive in and tackle the most interesting questions from this week.

I think the obvious answer to “most improved” has to be the Minnesota Wild with the pick-ups of Parise and Suter, solely because the words “mediocre” have haunted that franchise for the past decade. I mean, honestly, if I’m a fan of that team I’ll take a playoff birth or a last place finish (for draft pick’s sake) – they always just hover around ninth/tenth in the conference, rarely crack playoffs, rarely get a great young player… so this is something.

As for the most exciting, I’ve got three picks: Read the rest of this entry »