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I feel like your average hockey fan doesn’t realize how often refs communicate with players, especially at the higher levels. You get to know one another, form relationships (not all good, of course), and try to find a way to work together. Stuff like “Hey buddy, if I see you try to sneak in one more shot I’m calling it, so don’t be upset when I do. Ball’s in your court” is a nightly occasion.


Patrick Kane is easily one of the league’s most interesting player. Last night the NHL slapped a mic on him for the game, and they picked a good one to do it. He scored (“That’s how we play the game!”), and was on the ice when Seabrook ended it with a bomb (“Seabsy-baby!”). The NHL does a nice job splicing the video together, showing him calling for the puck as “Seabsy” bombs one home.

One of my absolute favourite things as a sports fan is “mic’d up” videos, and this one is no exception.

Highlights for me:

* Ryan Getzlaf telling Jonathan Ericsson (6’4″, 220) “You’re not scary.” I guess that’s easier to say when you’re the same size.

* Patrick Kane yelling “showtime” after a goal

* Jarome Iginla telling Pascal Dupuis (or whoever) to just fire the puck at him chest height and he’ll grab it and put it down. Don’t be surprised to see more plays like that in the league. Great way to minimize risk on clears.

* Lucic telling Kessel he played great

* Pah-lenty more.


I’m a huge fan of all things “mic’d up.” I would pay an ungodly sum to get all the players mic’d up and watch/listen to games on HBO, uncensored. Last night Zac Rinaldo rocked a mic, and didn’t change his behaviour, which is fun for the rest of us.

I know his type – the tough guy who tells you every game just how DEAD he’s going to make you – and grew to find them hilarious. Your best bet is to ignore them, but I think Phil Kessel went with a sharp “No you’re not” retort. GOT ‘IM.

By the way: please don’t get too sensitive about this (“But head shots!“). Hockey’s a tough game, and attempts at intimidation are a real thing. They aren’t going anywhere.

(Stick-tap to @BroadStreetHockey for the clip)

Good lord, look at that picture of Trevor Gillies above. It’s not enough that he’s a naturally big guy, or that he lifts weights to make that body stronger, or that he trains to fight for a living, but he’s also got the kill switch flipped. And he’s a lefty. Zoinks.

His opponent, Jon Mirasty, is no slouch either. The stories of “Nasty Mirasty” in the ECHL threatened “Oglethorpe” levels during my own playing days, and he’s been plying his “craft” over in Russia the past couple seasons. None of that was enough to avoid a worst-case scenario type ending for him in his tilt with Gillies though, with him knocked out, jersey over his head, Bambi-legged.

All fighters know that a loss doesn’t make you any more or less of a warrior willing to put yourself on the line, and that gets you respect from your fellow fighters. The crazy part is, “you’re only as good as your last fight” is sort of a thing. In fact, it’s sort of an embarrassing thing if your last fight saw you fail to enter the penalty box without almost falling over backwards.

The clip below features some interesting stuff starting around the 9:00 mark (if the autoplay doesn’t work), and includes a mic’d up Mirasty and Gillies deciding to fight, and a few interviews – first a Russian gent, then Jeremy Yablonski, then Mirasty, then Gillies. But by far, the most interesting sound bite and reason I’m writing this post is because of the illuminating conversation between Mirasty and Gillies on fight culture. As I mentioned a moment ago, being put to sleep on the ice is not how fighters like to go down.

At around 12:07 they cut to a seemingly lucid Mirasty explaining that they’re going again. Below is a little running diary from the 9:00 mark to the end – I find their comments super-interesting. Read the rest of this entry »