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Recently here at Backhand Shelf I ran a story that shared a few of Michal Neuvirth’s quotes about his teammates Braden Holtby, Alex Ovechkin, and (ex-teammate) Alex Semin, as well as ex-coach Dale Hunter. Fortunately, I only used a handful of quotes and cited Russian Machine Never Breaks‘ original work, so I avoided their shit-list.

In the interview, Neuvirth said some not very nice things about the folks he shared a dressing room with the season before.

What happened in the wake of the translation by RMNB was utterly predictable: the quotes made Neuvirth look bad, so he claimed that things had been lost in translation, and it was all a big misunderstanding. (By the way, if I’m the agent of a European player, I remind them that the hockey world is small, and to not say anything they wouldn’t say in North America while across the pond.)

It wasn’t a big misunderstanding, it was a backpedal. Read the rest of this entry »

Washington Capitals goaltender Michal Neuvirth had the audacity to answer some interview questions honestly, and it’s probably going to blow up in his face. He’s been nothing but meek and mild since joining the club (does he even speak english?), but all that changed in one interview.

The answers he gives to questions from the Czech website iSport.Cz very much remind me of someone’s memoirs, who, once retired and removed from the situation, is able to give frank assessments of teammates and situations now that it can’t come back to bite them. Except in this case, it still can. (Stick-tap to Russian Machine Never Breaks for the find – for the complete quotes, here’s part one, and part two.)

On his goalie partner Braden Holtby:

I’m starting the season sure that I want to play forty/fifty games and I am really sure that I have the weakest competition (Braden Holtby) I’ve ever had. I will try to be number one goalie this season. Finally! Read the rest of this entry »