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If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been posting bios of the top 30 prospects heading into this year’s NHL draft so you have some idea who’s who when names are being called (all of them will be up by Friday). theScore has also put together this fantastic Draft Tracker, which is also available on theScore’s crazy-awesome app, which if you don’t have by now, it’s time.

BUT ENOUGH with the shill work – I’m here to talk about those names. Those exceptional, awesome, likely foreign names.

While going through the player profiles I was consistently stopped in my tracks by their beauty. I was unaware that non-North American families were forced to name their kids by grabbing a handful of scrabble letters and assembling them into something borderline pronounceable. (By the way, this isn’t to make fun of anyone, it’s more to look on in slack-jawed awe at their seeming randomness.)

So let’s get to it! The top 30 prospects (so sadly, no Martin Frk) from 30 to 1, a mock draft that shows where players would end up if picks were made solely on the awesomeness of their names.

Just missed the cut: Ryan Murray: Sorry dude, but that’s the most generic, kid-from-Canada name of all. Every single one of us played with a one of you.

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