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(Above: Ilya Bryzgalov, professional goaltender, I’m told.)

While living in Phoenix and being the editor of Backhand Shelf, I was limited in one pretty considerable way: no, not that the local team was the star-packed Coyotes, but that I was functioning in Mountain Standard Time (though let me say, I have no clue how people on the east coast deal with the start times of games out here). That meant that unlike my blog brethren at theScore, I couldn’t get a morning links post up without it spilling into the afternoon on the east coast. By then, you’ve all seen the cool stories.

But alas, no more! This Toronto-based blogger will now be posting a morning skate of sorts. Though given that the title “Morning Skate” is used by the excellent NBC hockey site “Pro Hockey Talk,” I’ll be calling it “Rebound.” The title fits because it’s both A) a game hockey players frequently play after morning skate, and B) a nice little explanation of what’s physically happening here on the internet – you come to this site, you rebound somewhere else. It also allows me to refer to great stories as “juicy rebounds,” which is a perk.

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