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I may not like the Yankees (as a Blue Jays fan, I’m obligated to hate them), but it’s undeniable that Derek Jeter is one of the greatest baseball players of all time. So it was neat to see him go out of his way to connect with the greatest hockey player of all time. On Wednesday afternoon, the New York Yankees were in Seattle for the third of three meetings this week and Gretzky was in attendance, right in the front row. Jeter came over in between innings, shook Gretzky’s hand and exchanged a few kind (I assume) words with the NHL legend.

It was a nice moment, made hilarious by the kid in the Yankees jersey and hat immediately behind Gretzky desperately holding out his hand, trying to get Jeter to acknowledge his existence. Go score 92 goals in a single season, kid, and maybe Jeter will give you the time of day.

The bigger news, however, was why Gretzky was in Seattle in the first place.

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Not bad.

I guess being the host of Wheel of Fortune means you know some folks who can score you those seats. What’s odd though is that a guy who is an investor in baseball and reputed Kings fan wouldn’t have some sort of Kings baseball cap to conceal his identity and support his team.
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They caught him on camera!

For all of their faults – and their are numerous – the Toronto Maple Leafs woes cannot be attributed to the play of Jake Gardiner. For a kid most people had slated for another year of hockey elsewhere (read: AHL) before making the jump to the big club, he forced his way on to the roster with an impressive summer and held his spot with solid play this season.

He has been lauded for his offensive play, showing off great speed and puckhandling ability and certainly looks like the quarterback of the Leafs’ blueline (har har har) for years to come. The ultimately equalizer is his speed and I can’t stress this enough.

The dude can skate.

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Timkin: Smooth Criminal

It’s often tough to take the KHL very seriously. Off the ice there is noted corruption and general negligence which has caused numerous problems for the league over the years and been fatal in two notable instances. On the ice, players have been paid exorbitant amounts of money to play hockey that can hardly be classified as entertaining. I’ve watched a handful of KHL games in my time and have often regretted it because watching the KHL has prevented me from undergoing tantalizing procedures like having my nails forcefully removed or being lit on fire. I would also generally throw the existence of the 2011-12 Vityaz Chekhov team under the list of reasons why the KHL is dumb, but that changed today.

Evgeni Timkin isn’t exactly the top Russian talent you’ll ever see, and his time in North America reflects that. Timkin split 38 games between the Florida Everblades (ECHL) and Mississippi RiverKings (CHL) last year and mustered seven assists. Though, in fairness, five playoff games with the RiverKings he netted himself two goals. Not great, but something, though a lack of points in North America doesn’t mean a lack of moves. He has 13 points in 37 games (which, ranks among Vityaz’s best, sadly) though he will more than likely never score a goal nicer than the spin and shot he showed off in a game against CSKA Moscow. Oh, and he was shorthanded too.

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It looks like a really bad video game glitch

I’m going to come out and say it: Carey Price seems like a really cool dude, and should probably rocket up the Backhand Shelf Beerability Index for his All-Star Skills Competition performance. Not only was Price fairly entertaining on the mic for CBC viewers, he came up with some pretty entertaining save attempts as well.

He Tebowed, he covered his face and flipped his stick, he captured the imagination of a nation. My favorite Carey Price save (SAVE) came against Sean Couturier. Not only did Price stop the puck – a requirement of a successful save – he did so facing the end boards and watching Couturier off of the reflection of the glass a la Wayne Gretzky.

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