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So the New York Rangers have extended the contract of Henrik Lundqvist for seven years, with an average annual cap hit of 8.5 million dollars. Ho-lee Betsy is that a big chunk of change.

If you’re defending the deal you point out that the cap is going up. You point out that goalies who average .920 save percentages over long periods of time aren’t easy to find. You point out that he’s basically the face of the Rangers, your fans would kill you if you let him walk as a UFA, and you’d have to find a replacement. Cam Talbot has started out just fine, but there’s certainly no guarantee there. He’s elite, and you gotta lock up elite.

If you’re opposed… 8.5 million! For a goalie! What’s the difference between a good and bad goalie, a few goals here and there? That money could be better spent. You can get quality goaltending for less. What long-term deal for a goalie has ever really panned out? Didn’t they take into account his age decline? He’s gonna be so old by the end of this deal!

Rask and Rinne currently have the highest AAV at seven mill a season. Henrik now blows them out of the water at $8.5.

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It was just two or three weeks ago when I tweeted something to the effect of “Full credit, hybrid icing has been a success, we haven’t had a problem with it yet,” which started me on the path to a surprising discovery: actually, the hybrid icing experiment has gone pretty poorly in the NHL’s eyes. After receiving a few messages explaining this, I deleted the tweet to cover up any evidence that I was apparently wrong about something.

I’ve spoken with a handful of people about it, and the consensus seems to be the same: linesman are calling it wrong fairly often, they’re calling it differently among themselves, and it’s making it hard to get the clock set correctly.

Stephen Walkom is now the vice president and director of officiating for the National Hockey League. While he didn’t exactly praise hybrid icing as a raging all-around win, he did his best to defend it.

When I asked him if it’s been a success, he started with a fair caveat:

Well, it’s something new for everybody, me included. I had seen it in college hockey, and I had talked to a number of coaches in college, and to a man they all liked it. But they didn’t deny that you have to go through a bit of a learning curve.

There’s quite a bit more from Walkom below.

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Mike Sunnucks of the the Phoenix Business Journal broke news today that the Coyotes might just be staying in the desert…for awhile, at least.

The deal comes with an out clause after five years:

The proposed Coyotes deal includes an out-clause after five years that could allow the ownership group to terminate the city deal and possibly move the team. The city of Glendale also has some serious concerns about approving the deal before a July 2 deadline.,

The proposed deal has Glendale paying Renaissance Sports and Entertainment $15 million over 15 years to run the arena. The city money also helps RSE close on a purchase of the team from the National Hockey League.

The city does not want to pay the $15 million so to offset that financial bite Renaissance proposed $6.7 million worth of revenue sharing and rent payments each year. That would put the city price tag at $8.3 million per year.

Glendale officials are trying to get this figured out by the NHL-imposed July 2nd deadline.

2013 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Four

How hurt would you play if the Stanley Cup was on the line? Pretty hurt, right? Especially if you’re the captain and your team is up 3-2, I would assume.

All the coach’s quotes from today point to both Patrice Bergeron (mysterious “body injury”) and Jonathan Toews suiting up to battle for Game 6.

So there you have it. All hands on deck in Game 6 of the Cup Final.


From @Mookalicious, the following tweet:

I am blown away by this. The Dome has pumped out every drop of water!! #abflood!

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Image via Glenn Street

Image via Glenn Street

There are some terrible floods in Calgary right now, and the home of the Flames has been far from spared. Reports have the water as high as the 10th row in the building.

Scary situation going on there right now.

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Lindy will rip the still-beating heart from your chest if you don't give him 110%.

Lindy will rip the still-beating heart from your chest if you don’t give him 110%.

As a hardcore hockey fan consuming hockey blogs in June, let me tell you something, friend, you have hit the jackpot. Ohhhh, the news. The news just won’t stop today.

Okay, that’s semi-sarcastic because none of the good stuff involves actual players, but whatever – let’s talk coaches and GMs!

Pa-hoenix has extended Dave Tippett for five more seasons

I’m a huge fan of what Dave Tippett has done in Phoenix, what with making all that chicken salad from chicken s**t and all. He’s made an organization that could’ve been a laughingstock into a consistent contender, so if they can get him locked up for five more years, standing O for them. Good on ‘em for recognizing what they have and rewarding it.

Buuuuuuut don’t you kinda wonder what Tippett himself is doing? The whole issue of “which city is this team going to be in” is still unsettled, and they’re always likely to spend minimally, so basically Tippett said “Yes, I commit to leaving in either Phoenix, Seattle or Quebec City” (can you think of three more different cities?) and work with a roster on a budget that I’m still completely unaware of.”

I guess you take five-year head coaching jobs where you can get ‘em, but you’d think an established dude like him would be like “I’ma need a few more details first, kthxbai.” Read the rest of this entry »