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7 Reasons to Love NHL 13

The newest effort from EA Sports’ perennial sports game of the year candidate hockey franchise arrived earlier this week and I’ve nearly burned my eyeballs out playing it. This year’s title boasts a new skating engine, smarter goalies, GM Connected mode, and plethora of other enhancements.

Here’s seven reasons why you need to own this game.

True Performance Skating

NHL 13 features an all new physics based skating engine that attempts to simulate true to life explosiveness, momentum and top end speed. The result is slower gameplay, but a more realistic hockey experience. There’s a fine line between speed and control now, and even the highest rated players will display a decreased ability to hold the puck, pass and shoot at top speed. You’re also given the ability to skate backwards at anytime by holding LT (Xbox 360) or L2 (PS3), which can lead to some creative passing and behind the net plays.

There’s a moderate learning curve to mastering True Performance Skating, but it presents an unprecedented level of individual player control as a prize for the few frustrating hours you’ll spend to get the hang of it. Read the rest of this entry »

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(Stick-tap to @ScottJohnson48 for his great work on the infographic.)

EA Sports latest NHL game isn’t far from release, and has some pretty exceptional new features, including the option to play with some of the legends of our game. Two of those happen to be Doug Gilmour and Hailey Wickenheiser.

Rob Pizzo sat down with both of them, as well as producer Sean Ramjagsingh to talk all things NHL 13:

This morning I checked out the new “defensive reveal” for NHL 13, and I gotta say, I’m awfully excited for this year’s edition of the game.

In the early days of “NHL” series, when you had possession you had it solidly. It was fun, but not very realistic. This year, it looks like it’s going to be a lot easier to puck pokes loose from your opponent (as opposed to requiring a massive hit), and you’ll have to be smarter about when and where you’re passing.

Check it out: Read the rest of this entry »