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Todd Fedoruk, all-time facial fracture champion.


Your face is made up of fourteen bones, just about all of which will break when met with a swift hockey puck (or fist, or stick, or ice). Not all facial fractures need surgery, but when they do they can lead to impressive postoperative CT scans, learning to be okay with a visor, and a new style of play.

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"Yeah dude, right under there. Hurts like a bitch."

The start of the season has brought with it some weird, disappointing, and incredibly stupid injuries. Here are the highlights (lowlights?) and a friendly reminder that John Scott is still enormous.

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Kesler: Still a disaster.


Can anyone explain what’s up with the rash of groin injuries in the Western conference? And why Colorado is the only Northwest team with any players left? Me neither. Here’s an injury rundown anyway.

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HOCKEY IS BACK! And so is this guy, believe it or not.

Four months late (but better than not at all), here’s what’s up on the injury front heading into the 2013 NHL season. SPOILER: Rick DiPietro is not on this list. No, I can’t believe it either. SHAMEFUL ADMISSION: I love Rick DiPietro.

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Konopka is trying to decide between hooking Lupul or just stuffing his stick under his visor.

While Joffrey Lupul may not be a top level player according to KHL standards, he’s a top badass according to Quiet Room standards. He didn’t meet their criteria for national or Olympic experience, isn’t a Stanley Cup winner, hasn’t won anything at the NHL awards banquet (seriously, THAT qualifies you to play in the KHL?), and couldn’t even make it based on number of games played having missed most of 2009-10 and a healthy chunk of 2010-11 with a back injury.

The back injury is exactly the reason Joffrey Lupul is Tougher Than You ™. What began as back spasms toward the end of 2009-10 Ducks’ training camp evolved into pain and numbness in his right leg, loss of power, and eventually injections in attempts to calm the symptoms. Lupul missed several games at the end of November, and after consulting specialists and having an MRI it became clear that the problem – a herniated disc in his back – wasn’t going to solve itself. Read the rest of this entry »

If this doesn't make you want to barf/pass out/scream just a little, then there's something basically wrong with you.


February 10th, 2008

Buffalo, NY

Midway through the third period, the Florida Panthers are trailing the Sabres by one goal. Olli Jokinen nails Clarke MacArthur in Buffalo’s end, but trips over his legs as he falls. As Jokinen’s skates come up off the ice, Richard Zednik skates directly into one of them. With his neck. Hard. Zednik falls to the ice, but the first massive spray of arterial blood hits before he does. He grabs the right side of his neck, and flies toward the bench. He’s met on the ice by Florida trainer Dave Zenobi, who immediately holds pressure on his neck. Teammate Jassen Cullimore skates in to help him off the ice, and one of Buffalo’s training staff runs in with more towels, frantically signaling for help. Buffalo team physician Leslie Bisson meets the panicked group in the tunnel, and as they half-drag/half-carry Zednik to the dressing room, the Florida bench and surrounding fans are yelling for more medical staff. Read the rest of this entry »

Spleen? Nah. Overrated.

Peter Forsberg finished his NHL career with the Calder, Hart and Ross trophies, two Stanley Cups, three all-star nods (four if you count the rookie team), two well-used feet, and no spleen. While it’s difficult to maintain an NHL career with feet that won’t bear your weight, you can do fine without a spleen, as Forsberg found out halfway through the 2001 playoffs.

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