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Atlanta Thrashers v Florida Panthers

The NHL doesn’t have the equivalent of an NFL RedZone Channel, which is fairly understandable given the fluid nature of the game (thought it COULD bounce around to the most relevant games, the closest ones, the ones not at intermission etc, but that’s another post for another time), so most hockey fans with the Center Ice package are left to do their own rink-surfing. I plan to use Twitter as my guide, a completely failsafe plan if I’ve learned anything about the internet. (Apparently I haven’t.)

So instead of the Forced Watched challenge, I’m doing a sort of Voluntarily Watched Non-Challenge…live blog style. I dunno. I’m gonna be watching the games anyway, so let’s hang out NHL RedLight style.

I’ll be skipping around, but if there’s something worth discussing, I’ll be discussing it (that one guy definitely kicked that one goal in, hey?), and posting the relevant videos, so stop back periodically to see what’s been happening around the league. Oh, and feel free to get involved in the comments. I’ll be checking those out too, and hopefully responding.

In a nutshell, I’m testing a format for big nights in the playoffs, so let’s start with “Bourne comments on everything he sees” and narrow it down from there.


What we’re dealing with tonight:


Jets/Caps is huge, Isles can clinch, Boston/Philly has playoff implications, Rangers need a win, the Blues, Wild and Sharks could all use two points. Oh, the Habs playoff seed is undecided too. Let’s get this going. Read the rest of this entry »