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Seems happy enough

Adam Henrique scored in overtime to put the New Jersey Devils into the Stanley Cup Final on Tuesday night. For a team that nobody expected to be in that situation, the way they went about it was incredibly appropriate. Their unheralded Calder Trophy candidate who has gotten overshadowed by big name nominees has put them through into the next round for a second time. They were pushed to the brink by a squad everyone considered a powderpuff, blew by the “can’t miss” team in the second round, and were full value for a win over the top seed in the conference.

Peter DeBoer:

Again, unflappable. I mean, this kid’s just the right place, right time, all the time. The two biggest goals of the Playoffs come off his stick, and that’s not accidental.

Adam Henrique:

It was exciting. That was Johnny on the spot for that one, I guess. Kovalchuk and Ponikarovsky did a good job in front. I was sitting there. I couldn’t see the puck. I knew it was down, and I was just praying it was going to come under his pad. It’s a big one. It’s one you dream about.

Martin Brodeur:

Well, I took about one step up. I took one step back. I wasn’t sure if it was in or not. When I saw everybody celebrating, it was just a big relief.

We played really hard this playoff series, and this was an emotional series against the Rangers. And to pull it off in that fashion, it’s even sweeter.

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After Ilya Kovalchuk’s goal in tonight’s game between the Devils and New York Rangers. It wasn’t the goal that tickled my fancy, it wasn’t his celebration that caught my eye, or the alleged taunts that distracted me. It was Glenn Healy’s chatter that made my ear go, wait, what?

Right after the Kovalchuk goal, ok fine, you got a goal, great, I’m happy for ya, not really. He skates by the Ranger bench and taunts the bench. That to me is something that never happened if I was on that Ranger bench

Here’s the clip.
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He's mad.

There has been a lot of talk of embellishment through this postseason, people sniping back and forth and whatnot, but there has been little distinct evidence. Sure, there are clips we can speculate on, but a play where we can look and say “wow, that was fake” has been lacking to this point.

Enter Steve Bernier. Read the rest of this entry »

Tuesday’s game between the Kings and Coyotes went distinctly off the rails in overtime. It’s a byproduct of the high stakes and intensity and speed. Guys lose their tempers and it boils over after the whistle. We see scrums and jabs and slashes all the time and think much of it, but occasionally there’s a full speed hockey play that raises eyebrows.

In overtime, one whistle before Dustin Penner’s game winning goal, Dustin Brown caught Michal Rozsival coming across the blueline and made knee-on-knee contact. There was no penalty on the play despite the hit coming after an offside whistle being blown and Rozsival being carried off the ice.

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Killer flow, bro.

Competition tends to bring out the most extreme emotions we have, and those tend to be very, very volatile. Few things in said competition tend to make us go over the top than officiating we disagree with, be it hockey, basketball, football, baseball, soccer, we LOATHE a call that we disagree with and it makes us mad. This holds for players, coaches and fans and it is a rule — a law of nature. Being a referee is a job nobody should want.

We baseball fans saw a player go bonkers after a horrendous call or two when Brett Lawrie earned himself a four game seat in the stands for flipping out on Bill Miller.

From our friends at DJF

Not to be outdone, fellow youth and Toronto Blue Jays fan Drew Doughty showed off some of his “burning passion” for the game when he snapped after earning himself an interference penalty. An engineer would typically call Doughty’s enthusiasm for smashing his stick “stress testing.”
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It's raining hats.

Variety is the spice of life, and point form notes have gotten tougher and tougher to write without being stale and repetitive, so here’s you spice. Hope you like it.

It has been an interesting year for Jeff Carter – an indirect route to his exact location after a game two win in Phoenix. Here was a player after a year of trades, character assassination and punchlines taking questions on being the hat-trick hero in a conference final game.

It was a tiresome meme in the online world. Carter gets robbed of a glorious chance right there on his usual doorstep and we all rush to our twitter accounts to see who could write “2009 Jeff Carter would have scored there” first. All you need is that bounce. He got that and then some. The confidence of a goal scorer is fragile and just one was the bubble wrap he has been looking for all this time. Read the rest of this entry »

The Gate.

It’s no secret that part of the path to success in the NHL playoffs is not shooting yourself in the foot, as evidenced by every winning team, ever. A prolonged level of strong play is as much not beating yourself as it is scoring more goals than the team you’re playing and a key to that is not taking penalties or getting suspended.

Unfortunately for their Stanley Cup hopes, the Phoenix Coyotes forgot that part in their game two tilt with the Kings and let the wheels fall off the bus with undisciplined play. This was punctuated of course by two game misconducts by Shane Doan and Martin Hanzal for boarding calls.

Here are the hits:
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