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There may be no NHL games, but at least there’s some form of hockey back for us to analyze! It’s been awhile since we’ve got to do a Systems Analyst post.

Quick preface: after my senior season of college hockey, I joined the Alaska Aces of the ECHL to gain a little college experience. My first game was in Long Beach, in front of nearly 800 people (!), and it was “bring your dog to the rink day.” That really happened.

Anyway, I figured the ECHL wouldn’t be very good – NCAA D1 hockey is straight-up fast, so I figured I wouldn’t have any problem. The first time I got the puck in the neutral zone, I headed up the middle – not lollygagging by any means – and got caught from the back just like the guy in today’s video.

The thing is, the ECHL has a huge range of players – some excellent (about 500 players who spent time there went on to play in the NHL), some terrible (about five million haven’t), so you never know what you’re going to be dealing with every time you get the puck.

My point is that I feel like that’s what the KHL has become with the influx of talent that’s come across from the NHL. Zherdev may not be considered an “NHLer” at this point, but he certainly fine-tuned his craft over here, and pitting him up against whoever the hell that was defending him on this goal just didn’t seem fair.

Let’s get to the analysis of the goal. First, the video: Read the rest of this entry »