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The coach of the Ottawa Senators, Paul MacLean, leads the League in unintentional hilarity. Darryl Sutter gives him a run for his money, but MacLean’s mustachioed, Walrus-esque appearance puts him over the top.

We’ve been compiling a few great media-related .GIFs here today at theScore, and have come to the conclusion that there’s no feasible way we can top this one.

Here’s Paul MacLean at his finest – full of wonderment, shocked, unsure and more. Read the rest of this entry »

The NHL off-season is nice for hockey players for all of about two or three weeks. After that it’s time to get back in the gym, which means rebuilding a lot of muscle you once had and managed to lose over the course of the season.

Some guys seek out a little help from trainers, whether that be for motivation or advice, and Gary Roberts has become synonymous with off-season training. Pretty much every player he’s worked with over the past few years has returned to the League in the best shape of their lives.

Roberts was able to be successful and intimidating late into his career because of his strict workout regimen, and it didn’t go unnoticed.

I came across this old picture of him today on TSN’s Facebook page.

Good point, FSN. Very good point. The crazy eyes are a nice touch.

I imagine that part of the beauty of hosting a late-night comedy show is that all the people you rip on can’t respond.

Introducing, Twitter!

When the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup, Conan O’Brien did a “this is Los Angeles before winning the Stanley Cup, this is LA after” skit that was…fine. It was a vacant street in the first part, and had one solitary Kings’ fan in the second. HAHAHAHA.

He took another lil’ swipe last night on Twitter, and I love where it ended up. Read the rest of this entry »