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Drink whenever "Jarome" is mentioned by first name.

There will be a lot of media hype surrounding the results of this afternoon’s out-of-conference game in Boston, but there’s also a pretty significant historical event that could happen on national television tonight.

There hasn’t been a lot to cheer for in Calgary over the last few years. The team made the playoffs each of the first four post-lockout years, but they failed to advance past the first round in either. The last two years have them sitting in five points and three points out of the final playoff spot in the Western Conference.

They’re just one of those teams that are not pretty enough for the dance, and not quite ugly enough to make Daniel Wagner’s Bottoms-Up segment every week. This season, six points out at the halfway point, it looks unlikely that the Flames will make a post-season run, while not being bad enough to get good draft position for a potential game-changing player to be their next superstar.

That said, with a four-game homestand coming up on the schedule, starting tonight against the Minnesota Wild, Flames fans may be able to cheer for Jarome Iginla’s 500th goal.

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He has either scored, or he is drunk.

There’s always been a tinge of jealousy in the back of my mind when I see pictures like the ones from Justin’s post on Wednesday about backyard rinks. I was raised in a land where winter was more of a myth than a seasonal reality. (I would be considered a “green” boy if George R.R. Martin took the time to attach adjectives to my self.)

No, the city I grew up in is the same one where I would pass by golfers and runners in short shorts on my way to Winter Olympic events. Vancouver actually had to cart in snow to the local mountains for freestyle skiing and snowboarding events. In the neighborhood I grew up, it was a rare occurence to see a snowman rather than a rink.

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I don't know whose backyard rink this is,, wow. Pic from

Hockey is at it’s purest, most true form when it’s played on ponds and in backyards. Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a climate that allows for this special treat, but for those of us that did as kids, the memories are heavy in corny nostalgia.

I certainly know we weren’t skating on rinks like the one above, and that was just fine with me (though that would’ve been wicked).

There’s something honest about working for your fun that feels good, whether it’s building the rink, shoveling the snow, or chasing the puck far beyond the area you cleared, plodding in skates through snow to find the puck that someone fired wide. Why’d that guy raise it anyway?

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