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For those of you who live amongst society (read: non-bloggers), you know that the world is getting a little strapped for money. Literally everywhere. Globally, we’re in the worst economic situation since the 1930s according to a bevvy of economists. Locally — wherever that may be for you — many people are struggling, still, to grasp the situation, let alone cope with it.

My “world is falling” lede isn’t meant to send you spiraling into a deep depression, but rather to contextualize a much less important issue in the grand scheme of life. In Canada, hockey enrollment has been steadily declining for several years now. In fact, according to a story from James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail, just 10% of Canadian males between the ages of five and 19 are signed up to play hockey.

That’s a rather small number and no matter how some may try to spin it, the reason behind it is hockey is just getting too expensive for 90% of households.
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There’s a whole world out there, folks. Not just of hockey, but of sport at-large. The majesty of the sporting world cannot be contained to on-field exploits either. The differences between leagues and sports from an organizational perspective can be equal parts staggering and eye popping. It’s safe to say we have yet to figure it all out in North America, and by a long shot at that.

There are lessons we, as hockey enthusiasts, can pluck and pry to figure out how professional hockey can exist on this continent without being shut down every couple of years. Pablo Picasso once said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

I have benevolently stolen from Asia. Brace yourself, for this is my Cubist movement. There’s plenty of room for you to join.
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