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I’ve brought up the race for NHL 2013 coverboy before here and specifically Scott Hartnell’s campaign to be the man on the front of everyone’s shiny new toy come next season. In sum, I’m a big supporter of it, I think it would be great.

The Philadelphia Flyers have rolled out their campaign to get their man on the cover and it begins with the “Captain Canada” look above. Not too shabby, crew.

Having seen this, who’s your ultimate Captain per hockey country?

Russia, Finland, Sweden, Canada, the Czech Republic and the USA are the top six in the IIHF rankings, run with those.


Alright folks, the first two have gone over pretty well and I wanted to do one tonight. Unfortunately no classic photos were taken like the one of Mr. Downie or Mr. Nash, but I think we can make this work.

Between the fact it’s Patrick Kane, the sign proclaiming love for Patrick Kane and a New Jersey Devils blood drive ad, there has to be some gold in here.

I leave it to you, Backhand Shelf nation. Give us your best synopsis of what’s going on here. Great answers can be, but are not limited to: simple quotes, memes, mini-screenplays, sitcom ideas, novellas, etc.

*Insert words here*

Well, folks really got into our Steve Downie caption contest on Thursday so until you stop caring, I’ll keep putting these things together.

It has been a pretty up and down year for the sniper from Brampton, Ontario both on and off the rink. This picture gives us the perfect opportunity to peer into his soul and find out what Mr. Nash, at his core, is thinking.

Put your best words in Rick Nash’s mouth…. Go! (Keep it reasonably PG on here and feel free to tweet anything especially creative.)

Comment, Tweet, Facebook your best.

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Like one of my posts earlier tonight, this picture was brought to my attention by the good folks who hang out at Reddit Hockey. This one is also pretty reliant on fan participation.

Simply put, the original version of this picture was actually a meme. It’s a pretty classic picture (as of yesterday) and I think we all know what Steve Downie is all about.

Put your best words in Steve Downie’s mouth…. Go!

Comment, Tweet, Facebook your best responses.

What a happy guy

Hockey people are people – I know this is a massive revelation to some people, but they can’t ALWAYS be robots. From time to time we’re lucky enough to peer into their personalities. Occasionally this is horrifying and completely regrettable, but at others this is actually pretty funny and genuine.

Alain Vigneault provided us with one of the latter last night.

In case you didn’t know Vernon Fiddler, he probably has my favorite name in hockey. I love the way it rolls off the tongue. Vernon Fiddler. He sounds like someone who would play in your local pub every Tuesday. What I didn’t know about Vernon Fiddler before seeing Vigneault in the following video is that Fiddler apparently does one hell of a Kevin Bieksa impression. I’ve never seen it, but Bieksa and Vigneault did and they really, really loved it.

I’m kinda surprised AV didn’t need a moment to stop and slap his knee. Take a look. Read the rest of this entry »

The man knows how to work a crowd

Jeremy Roenick is truly one of the ultimate hockey characters of our time. From his on ice dancing, his emotions after one of his former teams topped another one of his former teams despite the efforts of Mike Milbury to totally kill the mood, his back and forth with Patrick Roy, and all the other moments which have since immortalized themselves on the king-maker that is the internet, JR is one of a kind.

What often gets lost in his flair for entertaining is the immense talent Roenick actually was. He was the third American born player to score 500 goals in his career, he scored 50 goals twice, finished with 40 twice and had at least 20 in nine other seasons. When you consider the rough and tumble game he played (from 1993-94 to 2000-0 he recorded at least 100 PIMs a season), you can only imagine the type of numbers he could have put up had he been more concerned with finesse. Let’s also not forget the offensive constraints of the era in general and the time he spent with a Coyotes team that was substandard more often than not.

The Coyotes recognized Roenick on Saturday night, adding his name to their ring of honour and retiring his number 97. The honour was obviously very special for Roenick, and was only enhanced by the fact the Blackhawks were the opposition of record, the team he began his career with.

With Chicago media in the house, Roenick was asked about his aspirations to have his number 27 retired in Chicago. He was frank as always.

“They just drag their feet a little bit slower than these guys,” Roenick joked prior to his Ring of Honor ceremony on Saturday night. “Without question that’s a huge goal of mine, to (have my number) retired in Chicago. It’s the best honor as an athlete, with exception of the Hall of Fame. It’s the best thing that you can have bestowed upon you.”

“Both teams are special to me, no question,” he said. “Twenty-three years ago I was 155 pounds coming out of high school, it was unheard of for a team to draft anyone out of high school and Chicago took a chance on me. They’ll forever be in my heart. To be so passionate about one city and then be traded to another and feeling that same passion (for it), that’s a special thing.”

“I think we have a good enough relationship after 20 years that we’ll get there,” Roenick said. “But tonight it’s about Phoenix and how I appreciate being here and how much I love being here.”

Here’s some video from Roenick’s presser in Phoenix. Read the rest of this entry »

Goon: The Movie

Headshots. Hard capped shoulder pads. Visors. Blindside hits. Concussions. …SAFETY!

As we’ve learned more about the long-term damage on-ice injuries are having on hockey players, we’ve tried harder to make the game safer and smarter, and so we should. These are important issues.

But one thing has sucked about it: it’s made those of us who enjoy fighting and general on-ice violence feel guilty, and have to bury the fact that we really like watching a good tilt.

Well, the movie Goon can be our escape. No guilt, no safety discussions, nothing. I can’t promise it’ll be good, but after the trailer, I can promise I’ll watch it.

It looks a little bloody for my taste, but hey – if you’re gonna make a goon movie, you kinda have to go for it. I wonder if there are any players out there who see a little bit of themselves in Sean William Scott’s character? (Jeremy Yablonski in Russia, maybe?)

Here’s your trailer:

At the very least, it has to be better than Slapshot 2, correct? That movie was so bad I wouldn’t even give Slapshot 3 a chance (yes, it exists).

Fun fact: it’s actually based on a book (and a true story at that).

You can check out more at or Facebook.

Our own Derek Snider caught up with a couple of the guys at the Toronto Film Festival: