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Want a Winnipeg Jets jersey? Of course you do! Unfortunately, the team hasn’t released the design yet. But that hasn’t stopped eBay! No one knows what the jerseys will look like… except this guy! Of course, he’s probably completely wrong and the quality of the jersey is likely crap, but that shouldn’t stop you from paying $70+ for it, should it? Of course not! The seller also has one available in white if you want to complete the knock-off collection.

But that random eBay seller isn’t the only person who is trying to cash in on the Jets.

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Hello Colorado Avalanche and New York Islanders. We assume that you know why you’ve been invited here today. You see, the NHL regular season is rapidly approaching and you’ve still got quite a way to go before you reach the salary cap floor. What’s that? The Winnipeg Jets should be in here too? They’re a measley $15k below the floor. We’re sure that they’ll work things out shortly. Besides, we don’t want to bother them right now. They’re still figuring out what to wear.

Back to you guys, do you have any ideas about how you’re going to reach the floor?

What’s that, Islanders? You want to bring Alexei Yashin back? We thought that the hysterical laughter that you heard last month had killed that idea. You’re already paying him $2.2 million this season to not play for you. Do you really have to give him any additional money?

How about you Colorado? We haven’t heard from you in a while. Yes, yes, we know. Semyon Varlamov was totally worth those draft picks. You’ve been saying that for a while now. That doesn’t help this situation at all.

So you guys really don’t have any ideas? Really? Okay, we’ll try to help.

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The Stanley Cup’s Maritime adventure continues today with Michael Ryder scheduled to tour the hardware around Bonavista, Newfoundland. A send-off celebration in St. John’s gave the Cup its first scare of the offseason when heavy winds tipped it over from its perch atop a table, leaving a dent along the rim of the bowl.

It’s not exactly Guy Carbonneau tossing the Cup off the upstairs deck onto the lip of the pool at former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul’s house, but it left a fairly deep dent.

Stick tap Steve Dangle for the story, Sean Leahy for the clip

Ok, this might be the best use of the Stanley Cup we’ve seen in some time. Brad Marchand is indulging on what looks like some Cinnamon Toast Crunch out of Lord Stanley’s Mug. We couldn’t have chosen a better cereal.

This photo was tweeted from the Boston Bruins official Twitter account on Monday, and we can’t even begin to express how satisfied we are that it’s not a big bowl of clam chowder.

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We are now in the dog days of free agency. These are the days when you spend 20 minutes of your life thinking about where Bryan McCabe may play next year before realizing exactly what you’re doing. Yes, it’s that time of summer already.

However, thanks to the HUGE inside access that we here at House of the Hockey are given, we can provide a bit more than guesses and speculation about the free agents that currently do not have contracts. Yes, the world has been wondering what free agents like McCabe, Ruutu, Leclaire and others are doing right now and we’ve got that scoop!

So what’s our pal Bryan up to? Well, it looks like he’s in bed in his pajamas, staring off into the distance. His gaze is no doubt fixed upon a cell phone that just doesn’t seem to ring. Well, buck up Bryan! It’ll ring one day and when it does it hopefully won’t be the Islanders calling.

But a depressed Bryan McCabe isn’t all we have for you today! No way! There’s more!
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Our good friend Justin from Days of Y’Orr spotted this on the sandwich board at the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse in Brookline, and he was left less than impressed by the makeup of the Tim Thomas. Everybody who’s anybody knows Timmy’s sandwich would have to be a cheeseburger. Anyway, all this sandwich talk got us thinking about two of our favourite things… NHL players and sandwiches.

Here are several other NHL sandwiches that we think would make excellent additions to any restaurant’s menu:

The Brad Marchand: Roasted onion stuffed trout with a Labatt 50 reduction, simmered in vodka and served between two slices of Jack Daniels infused ciabatta bread.

The Alex Ovechkin: Only the finest grilled Grade ‘A’ Beef, topped with the best mozzarella money can buy and stuffed between two slices of freshly baked bread. A crowd favourite, renowned for its full flavour and girth. Not available after May 15.

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If you were on Twitter or Facebook around 2pm EDT today, you likely watched your timeline or wall explode with earthquake-related messages. Sure, you may have felt the actual earthquake itself, depending on where you are, but the social media explosion was far more powerful and long-lasting.

As with all life-changing events, this earthquake impacted the world of sports. In the NFL world, the Pittsburgh Steelers vowed to bravely carry on their practice today, despite the quake. The hockey world was affected as well.

From “Sidney Crosby’s concussion and the earthquake” Tweets to “Toronto war room” jokes, hockey fans on Twitter jumped on this opportunity to blame Kyle Wellwood for the earthquake.

We wouldn’t have it any other way. There were some disruptions and minor issues on the east coast, but we’re not aware of any serious damage, so in our minds that means it’s okay for the jokes to start flowing.

Here’s some of our favourite hockey/earthquake jokes of the day.

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