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In 1967, a man by the name of George Gross was tasked with writing about what hockey would look like in the year 2000. Among his predictions for the future, he had referees hovering above the ice – sorry, the ice has been replaced by plastic – and dropping pucks for faceoffs from the sky.

Sure, George Gross was wrong, but I’m pretty sure hockey would be the most popular sport in the world right now if his visions had come to fruition.

So since I’m always looking for a topic for our weekly Bag Skate, I thought I’d give it  a try and project what hockey will look like in 2046. I expect everyone to hold me to all of these guesses so be sure to come back to the comments section in 33 years to tell me how great I am. These aren’t necessarily things that will all happen in 2046, but between now and then. Thank you and sorry for this. Read the rest of this entry »

Every summer, NHL players tend to get together in dense pockets around North America and Europe to train together, which makes sense – you can’t get better when you’re playing noon drop-in with a bunch of accountants and lawyers, no offense to those distinguished professions.

One of the more well-known get togethers is sponsored by the sport drink “BioSteel,” which players either love (and by all accounts they do), or are paid to say they love (less likely, from what I hear). Mike Cammalleri is one of their biggest supporters, and Paul Bissonnette isn’t too far behind.

On the first day of camp this year, Cammalleri decided to give Bissonnette a bit of a hard time, so he set up his own mini-version of punked to get the job done. Read the rest of this entry »

On this week’s edition of Downtime with BizNasty, theScore follows Phoenix Coyotes winger Paul Bissonnette to the inaugural DougieBall Celebrity Slo-Pitch Classic. “DougieBall,” of course, because it’s hosted by Doug Gilmour.

Biz chirps the Leafs’ mascot, gets snubbed by Tie Domi, and maybe says “boys” once or twice. Read the rest of this entry »

Last time we checked in with Paul Bissonnette, he was hanging in West Hollywood and doing a little yoga.

He continued his California vacation from there, heading to Newport Beach to spend a little time with Joffrey Lupul on Independence Day.

In our latest episode of “Downtime with BizNasty” we head out to “Cut Up” in West Hollywood, where Biz does a little circuit training and yoga with Amy Lynn Grover.

“She’s from Toronto, Canadian born girl. And ah, that’s pretty much how we breed ‘em in Canada.”

Our latest episode of “Downtime with BizNasty” introduces us to “his baby,” Sauce Hockey.

Also, we continue to further his reputation as a loveable womanizer. Enjoy!

The caption for this video when it was originally submitted was “BizNasty goes to Camelback Mountain for a hike with a hottie.”

…I’m just gonna get outta the way from there.