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Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk is apparently a little sad about the idea of returning to the NHL.

“I’d be delighted to stay here in Russia and play the season to the end. There’s just enormous desire, he said at the All-Star weekend. “But unfortunately, our desires don’t always match our abilities,” he added, referring to his NHL contract obligations.”

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Welcome to the internet, official home of the dichotomy. Twitter commentary and the gratification that comes with instantaneous analysis means the middle ground has been eradicated from our lives. We can glue the goat horns on anyone well before a game is lost. We can praise a player for a step forward well before they take their two steps back. And we love it.

What follows from this is all players are lumped into a love ‘em or hate ‘em category. Think of the best players in the world. You will find that 99.9999% of them fall well short of a unanimous opinion. Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, the Sedin twins, Steven Stamkos, Claude Giroux, etc. Go down the list and it is apparent that there are plenty of human beings who are not ‘avin what these guys are bringin’.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em? Do or do not. There is no try.

I would like to posit, however, that there is one throwback left. The one player left in this generation who we can all agree on. Who we all watch while we sit back and smirk and think “Yeah, this guy. He’s awesome.”

Pavel Datsyuk.
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Recently Reddit Hockey ran the above video (created by “hockeysemin“), called The King of Steals. We all know Pavel Datsyuk is a tremendous all-around player, but seeing the sheer number of times he lifts the puck from opponents is a sight to behold.

I wrote a bit about the pleasure of a good stick lift yesterday – this guy has turned it into art.

#5 "I'm going to retire." #13 "Seriously, don't, kay?"

There’s a great post up on the Detroit Red Wings blog “Winging it in Motown” today by “Amerinadian,” who writes ” The Inevitable Is Coming, But I Don’t Have To Like It.”

In a nutshell, it’s a completely reasonable musing on their long-dominant team, wondering if they can overcome losing players and aging, and still find ways to succeed.

Who’da thunk the Red Wings – their own bloggers, no less – would be wondering not if they have a Cup contender on their hands, but if they have a team that could crack the West’s top eight?

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