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karlsson's dog

Today Erik Karlsson tweeted “Thanks for helping me pack buddy. #nemo big thanks to the staff working around us this year! Extra thank to u Cookie.”

As you know, nobody is allowed to walk on the team logo in the dressing room, so like you, I’m secretly hoping his pup relieved himself on it just for drama’s sake.

I’m not sharing this to make fun of small dogs, or imply they’re less masculine or whatever. I’m sharing this because of course Erik Karlsson has a tiny dog. Quick, nimble, sharp…it just makes too much sense. They say people buy animals that look like themselves, so excuse me while I scour the net for pictures of Dustin Byfuglien’s Neopolitan Mastiff (Byfuglien’s still in late-puppy phase).

For those super into animals, his dog is a floofy little Pomeranian named Nemo. Of course.

(S/t to Erin Nicks)