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The Flyers decided to fire Peter Laviolette on Monday, three games into the NHL season. Three. That’s 3.65 percent of the season. In football, it’s the equivalent of firing a coach in the middle of the third quarter of the season-opening game.

As is the case most times when a coach is fired in the NHL, the general manager here appears to be far more deserving of being told to clean out his desk while security stands in his office, making sure nothing gets stolen or vandalized. Paul Holmgren, by any objective measure of judging a general manager, has been very bad at his job in recent years, and really should’ve been escorted out of Wells Fargo Center at the same time as Laviolette.

Trades. Free-agent signings. Assessing talent, his own and others. You name it, Holmgren has been hilariously bad at it, and it all seems to stem from the Flyers unbelievably fluky trip to the Stanley Cup Final in 2010 after an 88-point regular season. Read the rest of this entry »

Claude Giroux

Cumberland, Ontario is a small town just east of Ottawa with the distinction of being home to the Camelot Golf and Country Club, an arena with water that smells like rotten eggs, and not much else. It’s also where Claude Giroux lacerated the extensor tendons in his right index finger in a freak exploding golf club incident.

Giroux was at Camelot preparing for the Ottawa Sun Scramble golf tournament, and apparently on a completely normal shot with a completely normal club the shaft of the club splintered, sending shards into his right index finger and lacerating the extensor tendons.

Oh really.

That’s an interesting injury seeing as how you hold a golf club in your palm, a place where you won’t find any extensor tendons. Those are on the backs of your fingers and hand. Giroux’s father Raymond told Le Droit that when his club splintered a piece flew up in the air and came down on his finger, causing the injury.

Oh really.

Regardless of what actually happened (a little smashy-smash of the old clubberoo?), extensor tendon injuries are fairly common and generally require surgery. Without an extensor tendon Giroux would be able to grip a hockey stick (or golf club) but straightening his fingers out to let go would be tricky.

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New Jersey Devils v Philadelphia Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers had a disappointing season, and one player in particular took a majority of the blame for their season, Ilya Bryzgalov. In reality, the entire team from the front office down to the last player on the roster would tell you it had nothing to do with their goaltender. Claude Giroux actually pointed out that he was the team’s best player back in February.

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Ken Linseman: The rattiest of the rats.

Ken Linseman: The rattiest of the rats.


The NHL has a long storied history of dirtbags, and Down Goes Brown wrote a delightful post for Grantland outlining the dirtbaggiest dirtbags, and their many transgressions. What a rich treasure trove of bad behaviour and ugly injuries! Thus was born a series of Quiet Room posts exploring the worst of the injuries handed out by the worst of the dirtbags in their most inglourious moments.

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During Tuesday night’s game between the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers, Rangers’ defenseman Marc Staal was hit directly in the eye by a Kimmo Timonen slapshot.

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Pittsburgh forward Tyler Kennedy was credited with the Penguins first goal of the game, but on second look, he should be thanking ex-Maple Leafs defenseman Luke Schenn, who deflected the puck by goalie Ilya Bryzgalov.

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Vague headline, but that’s basically where we’re at in terms of real, hard facts on this one (courtesy a translated RDS report). But hey, let’s kick the idea around anyway.

One of the reasons it’s come up, from what I gather, is that the Canadiens think PK and his boisterous, jovial personality would clash with Michel Therrien, the Habs (frequently surly) new bench boss. If true (as was suggested in that RDS piece) this is terrible, stupid reasoning.  Read the rest of this entry »