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As the title directly says, the third highest scoring defenseman in the history of the Phoenix Coyotes franchise has signed in the ECHL. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s the league two below the NHL that pays a minimum of $350 a week.

The third highest scoring defenseman in Phoenix Coyotes history is…Paul Mara?

That title generally yields some um, slightly bigger names. For example:

* Eddie Shore, Bruins, 103
* Paul Reinhart, Flames, 109 (just one spot ahead of the great Dion Phaneuf!)
* Rob Blake, Avalanche, 62
* Red Kelly, Detroit, 162 – some Nicklas Lidstrom (?) character who has TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY FOUR
* Kevin Lowe, Oilers, 74 (fun fact: Lowe played 1037 games on D for Edmonton – Paul Coffey played 532, and scored TWO HUNDRED AND NINE TIMES.)
* Lubomir Visnovsky, Kings, 70
* Ryan Suter, Predators, 38 (“Wait, I thought only Suter and Weber played D for the Preds,” you’re thinking. Actual Preds fans, however, remember Kimmo Timonen’s wonderful 79 goals there. Weber has 99.)
* James Patrick, Rangers, 104 (Brian Leetch only had 240. Lidstrom made him look like a chump)
* Zdeno Chara, SENATORS, 51 (Hey, remember when Mike Milbury traded him and Bill Muckalt and the pick that became Jason Spezza for Alexei Yashin? I do. BTW, Yashin’s last year in the NHL was 06-07, and the Isles will pay him until 2015. Also a fun fact – Wade Redden is the Sens all-time leading goal-getter as a defenseman by nearly 40 over Chris Phillips).
* Tim Horton, Maple Leafs, 109 (Borje Salming has more – 149 – and also is over 1000 games with the club. But excuse my ignorance – who’s this “Ian Turnbull” that has 112 goals on D in 580 games? I feel young and uninformed right now).
* Calle Johansson, Capitals, 103

Welp, anyway, Paul Mara signed with the Ontario Reign after taking a year off to coach a high school hockey team in Bourne, Mass. But, he got the bug again, and will be making his return to the rink at the ripe old age of 33.

He’s got 13 years and over 700 games of NHL experience under his belt, meaning he’s going to be worth keeping an eye on this season.

After many, many missed deadlines, Shane Doan has finally made his decision: he’s staying in Phoenix. By the time things are all said and done, he’ll have been a faithful one franchise man, an admirable feat (that I would’ve quit on long ago) given all the ups and downs the organization has been through.

Here’s the official word:

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On this week’s edition of Downtime with BizNasty, theScore follows Phoenix Coyotes winger Paul Bissonnette to the inaugural DougieBall Celebrity Slo-Pitch Classic. “DougieBall,” of course, because it’s hosted by Doug Gilmour.

Biz chirps the Leafs’ mascot, gets snubbed by Tie Domi, and maybe says “boys” once or twice. Read the rest of this entry »

For all the rumour-mongering and hearsay and leaks throughout the three-year Phoenix Coyotes ownership saga, one group has, in particular, paid close attention.

That’d be our friends over at Five For Howling, a group of dedicated locals who’ve been exceedingly cautious about getting too excited over good news, given the on-again/off-again nature of this long battle.

Today there’s a very confident “deal is done” post that includes this blurb:

A source that has worked with the Coyotes management team for years has passed along some very exciting news, telling Five For Howling that the sale of the team to Greg Jamison is done. This source had normally been very cautious about their statements regarding this whole thing, part of the reason we’re confident this is indeed the real deal.

At this point we do not have a definitive time table, although we have heard that the announcement won’t be made until later, probably closer to the Coyotes training camp. Additionally, another close source has said that the “Coyotes weren’t going anywhere,” and if you were waiting to buy a new Yotes sweater you won’t have to wait long.

If this is true I’m not sure why they’d wait to report the sale, given how long everybody has already been standing by, but I suppose there are plenty of details to iron out in your average deal, let alone one as complicated as this.

Still, seeing the source of the information, I think it’s safe to say that Coyotes fans can have a little spring in their step today.

You know what happens after it’s announced, right guys? Get those tickets flying out the door.

Mike Sunnucks of the Phoenix Business Journal reported yesterday that the potential new owner of the Phoenix Coyotes has found the investors to cover the 20 million dollar gap he was short to buy the team.

From Sunnucks:

The perpetually on-again, off-again saga regarding the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team is on again.

Prospective Coyotes buyer Greg Jamisonhas brought investment money and partners back into the fold and could soon close on the purchase of the team from the National Hockey League. The sale would keep the team in Glendale at Arena.

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Coyotes gave this to Doan when he hit the milestone.

To be clear, the post I wrote previous to this one on why Doan should leave is my real opinion on the matter. He should skip town.

But I did get a few responses which brought up a some decent counterpoints (particularly @MichelaRicci‘s) that I agree make the decision a lot more difficult than it appears to dudes like me.

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In the time I’ve lived in Phoenix – almost three years to the day – the Phoenix Coyotes have been what’s technically known as a clusterfuck. They’ve been owned by the NHL, they’ve been rumoured to be relocating, and they’ve been on the wrong end of a lot of jokes, not to mention vitirol from some Canadians salivating at the prospect of bringing another NHL team north of the border.

Sure, the on-ice product has been better the past few years which has been a pleasant change from when I moved here and wrote this for the Arizona Republic (in short, attendance sucks cause the team always has), but it would be one gigantic leap by mankind to claim the Coyotes are Cup contenders next season. (Yes, I’m aware they made the Conference Final last season.)

So Shane Doan…what the hell is he thinking, waiting for this ownership situation to play out in Arizona? Read the rest of this entry »