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The real #1 best pic: can't explain why I love it so much.

I never understood why so many of my teammates chose not to wear their fake teeth. I mean, I get it during the game – having your teeth in doesn’t provide you with a benefit, so why risk a complication – but still: we’re headed out to a movie, buddy, are they that hard to put in? The no-tooth thing is part of the whole hockey player vibe though, I guess. If you’re going as a hockey player for Halloween, you’d inevitably black out a tooth.

Related: if you were going as a hockey player for Halloween, you’d try to look as much as like Zack Kassian as humanly possible.

Dude is off to a great start in Vancouver, with five goals and a number of fights already under his belt through eight games, which has earned him a promotion to the top line alongside the Sedins. It’s this great start that got my attention, and brought me to his Getty Images page.

And HOLY CRAP: Zack Kassian is (unintentionally?) hilarious. I don’t actually know a whole ton about the guy aside from the fact that he takes amazing pictures. I’ve selected the ten best after eight games for your viewing pleasure, and I intend to stay on this throughout the season. Let’s dive in.


Don’t worry, the looks get more blank as we go.

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