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This is so confusing they might not even award the Stanley Cup next year.

This is so confusing they might not even award the Stanley Cup next year.

The NHL has long convoluted its standings in a way that made it nearly impossible for non-hockey fans to understand what the hell was going on. There were points for overtime losses in addition to ties for a period of several years before Gary Bettman and Co. put a bullet in ties’ head following the 2005 lockout.

Now, there’s wins, losses, and overtime or shootout losses, except that not all wins are created equal because wins in shootouts don’t really count as much as regulation or overtime wins in the event of a tie in the standings, which are more common than you might think (Columbus, you’ll recall, missed the playoffs because they had two fewer wins, and three fewer in regulation or overtime, despite having the same 55 points as the Minnesota Wild).

So how, then, did the NHL decide that it could make things even more difficult to figure out? By reconfiguring the conferences so that there were 16 teams in the East and only 14 in the West and also, as a consequence, having to completely change the way in which teams are seeded into the playoffs.

Ah, you thought it was weird when the top eight clubs in each 15-team conference made the playoffs based on the number of points they accumulated but then also factored in how they accumulated them? Well, now things are a lot stupider. Read the rest of this entry »

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When the NFL had trouble coming to terms on a new CBA agreement, a lockout loomed. A costly, stupid lockout that would’ve been unnecessary since they’d eventually reach some kind of deal, so you might as well get there before games are missed. Knowing that, they got a federal mediator involved.

The NBA also faced a serious lockout last season, and in fact missed games trying to come to terms. But they did end up with a successful 66 game season…after they contacted a federal mediator, got him involved, and got to work. In fact, they got the same guy involved that the NFL used (if I’m not mistaken, from the Fifth Circuit Court). Depressing as the fact may be, the league’s merchandise revenues actually increased that season, despite playing less games. They figured it out before it got ugly.

Today, here’s the news hockey’s best reporters are sharing: Read the rest of this entry »