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Pittsburgh Penguins v Ottawa Senators

With the playoffs on the horizon, I wanted to put together previews of each series, but more specifically, I wanted to put together the type of previews I’d want to read. Bite-sized, few stats, and little splash of opinion for seasoning. This is my attempt at providing that.


1) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 7) Ottawa Senators

Head-to-Head in 2013: Penguins won all three match-ups this season.

A stat: The Penguins have three players in the top three (including ties) in playoff points, which Sens goalie Craig Anderson posted a .950 save percentage in round one. Read the rest of this entry »

2013 Eastern Conference Preview

Before the puck drops we’re taking a look at both conferences. Here’s how the East stands to shake down.
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2013 Western Conference Preview

Before the puck drops we’re taking a look at both conferences. Here’s how the West stands to shake down.
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Damien Brunner hugs linemate Zetterberg while wearing his "team leading scorer" helmet

A cold, hard reality for hockey fans is that every single NHL team has prospects. I’m sorry to drop that on you like that. They may not all be A-grade, but somewhere in their farm system is a kid they drafted and have big hopes for, and for the large majority of the teams, it’s someone they drafted high. It allows fans to look at their struggling team and say “But we have Granlund on the way!“, “Once Kadri is ready...” and “Scheifele will save us.” We call it “prospect porn,” or “rosterbation,” or as Jake Goldsbie just came up with, “auto-eroster asphixiation” (sorry, that was too funny to not include). Anyway, the point is, ALL teams have prospects, but not all are created equal.

This year is a particularly bright and shiny one for those hard-mined pieces of gold to become polished, ready-to-wear jewelry, so I figured we’d take a look at some of the Calder contenders heading into the 2013 NHL season.


New York Islanders: Ryan Strome

I think it’s unlikely that he makes the Islanders, but he’s tearing up the OHL right now, with 62 points in 32 games. If he does make the squad and is given the right opportunity…who knows what he could do.

New York Rangers: Chris Kreider

He jumped into playoffs with the Rangers last season and tallied seven points (five goals), and has high expectations on him as a big-bodied dude who was a point-a-game college player. His AHL stats this season, however, have been concerning – 33 games, only 12 points.


Ottawa Senators: Jakob Silfverberg

22 years old, over a point-per-game in the Swedish Elite League last year, and is threatening a point-per-game in the AHL this year.

Boston Bruins: Dougie Hamilton

A 6’5″ defenseman with 113 points in his last 82 OHL games is kinnnnda noteworthy. And since the Leafs traded the pick to the Bruins, he’s bound to tear it up. Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s get one thing out of the way: I’m going to be enjoying the return of the NHL post-lockout. I’m a forgiving guy who never took it personally, my job is in hockey, and I don’t think that me giving up on the NHL is going to make one lick of difference to them, so don’t rain on my parade today. It’s over, we’re hockey people, hockey’s back = yay!

The best thing to come from this right now is that like the Eye of Sauron, we can firmly fix our gaze on actual hockey instead of the little Hobbits that’ve been dragging us through the Dead Marshes of boring legalese (nerd!).

Whatever, those movies ruled.

So let’s turn our focus to hockey! In sorting out my thoughts on the 2013 season this weekend, it occurred to me just how many exciting storylines there are to play out, not to mention how many things I’d just plum forgot about. So let’s look at the big ones, and refresh our memories a little bit:

10. Rick Nash is a New York Ranger

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This picture comes pre-beards

It’s that time of year, folks. Stanley Cup time.

After much speculation and prognosticating, we finally get an idea of who’s prediction will get off to the right start.


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He can get up from this position and be ready for the next shot in the time it takes you to say, "Ouch!"

At least 30 times a season, my colleagues on the Houston Aeros press row lean over to me after a goal has been scored and say, “So, who had the pass?” or “Who put that in?”

And my answer nearly every time is, “I dunno. I was watching the goalie.”

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