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The talk of the day is that Gary Bettman has made an offer to the NHLPA: the players – actual players without representatives – can negotiate directly with the owners – actual owners without representatives – if they so choose to do so. No Daly, No Bettman, No Fehrs, just actual players and owners sitting in a room and discussing what’s fair.

Here it is a little more tidy, from the Canadian Press:

Commissioner Gary Bettman proposed Thursday that the leadership from both sides step aside for the next bargaining session, leaving a group of owners and players to try and break the stalemate. The specific parameters of the meeting weren’t set out and the NHLPA said it would take the offer to its executive board and negotiating committee for consideration.

Initially I thought “Well that would be swell! Less convoluted messages, less spin, just more, direct conversation!” But then I remembered that I’m stupid, and that wouldn’t be the case at all.

There is the fantasy to how this plays out, and the reality. I’ve highlighted both for you below:

The Fantasy

The players are in a meeting room. A reasonable number, maybe a baker’s dozen or so. The owners are in the room too. Not just Jeremy Jacobs, our new villain, but Mario Lemieux, maybe an Illitch, maybe some other dude who got straight paid under the old, apparently terrible CBA.

The players have smart speakers reasoning with the owners. They lay out the cards, focusing on Lemieux. Read the rest of this entry »