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The preamble

This will no doubt lead to further accusations of my Phaneuf Phetish, but it’s an interesting debate nonetheless. For whatever reason Dion has had an interesting history against the Devils since joining the Leafs. You’ll recall his first game as a Leaf was against the Devils and he fought Colin White within 10 minutes of puck drop. There was last year’s Boxing Day dust-up with Ilya Kovalchuk in New Jersey. That history was added to on Tuesday night.

In the first period of Tuesday’s Leafs/Devils tilt, Phaneuf goes into the corner with Devils captain Zach Parise, and engages him twice. The first time they make contact is pretty harmless with Parise taking the worse of the exchange going hard into the boards. The second encounter is up for debate as Parise is leveled with a borderline hit. It looks to be the classic Phaneuf tucked shoulder hit, but it does appear to make direct contact with Parise’s head.

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Pictures may last longer

It’s no secret now that Rick Nash may not be long for the city of Columbus. Pretty much every media outlet – incuding this, the world’s greatest hockey blog – has been speculating on where he may be playing in two weeks time.

With all of the guessing on where he may land, along with Jeff Carter and Fedor Tyutin I can’t help but ask: Should Scott Howson really be the man making these decisions? Read the rest of this entry »

After the recent chaos that Tim Thomas heaped on himself by choosing to not attend The White House with the rest of his Boston Bruins teammates, one assumed he’d be avoiding anything that would make him the center of attention for awhile.

He didn’t help his cause in the wake of the incident by not defending his decision to not attend (instead choosing to post a single Facebook status and act like it never happened), but still…the circus was starting slowly leaving town.

He’s been playing fantastic hockey since, and many of us were remembering why we liked him so much in the first place: he’s a really awesome goalie, and a blast to watch play the position.

But today, he made the circus put on its brakes and turn around.

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Paul Gaustad stalks his prey...

It was a good night for controversy as we have a few hits for Brendan Shanahan’s consideration.

In Washington, Alex Semin put Jordin Tootoo face first into the boards on a hit from behind at center ice. Semin was given a two minute boarding minor and carried on with his game. That being said, reputation means a lot in pro sports and I’d have to think that if that was Tootoo hitting Semin that’s five and a game. Here’s the first video for your consideration: Read the rest of this entry »

There were a couple beauty saves made in the NHL tonight by Detroit’s Jimmy Howard and Calgary’s Miikka Kiprusoff.

It's not the first time these two have been head-to-head

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Proof that goaltenders make a lot of bad decisions

Bobby Goepfert is goaltending for the DEG Metro Stars in the DEL these days (for more info on Bobby, check out his first piece for us, in which he takes offense to me being all for goalie abuse).

When you leave college and start playing professionally, the amount of down time seems mind-boggling. Being without a car in an unfamiliar city as Goepfert is must really pile on the available hours.

At least we know what he’s been using it for. Here’s GeffMan, asking the hard-hitting questions on TV.


After grinding out years in the minors and now being on a European tour, I can tell you that the lifestyle of a pro hockey player away from the rink isn’t as glamorous as one may think. Given, I’ve never spent a day in the NHL besides my two week training camp (my first year pro) where I pulled my groin on day two. I spent the rest of the camp biking next to JS Giguere as he recovered from his hernia surgery. (I was in awe, and became socially awkward during our conversations. Perhaps that’s a story for another blog.)

“Geffs, stretch my calves for me, bud?”

The schedules are normally pretty light during the season. Practice in the morning, then you are pretty much done by the early afternoon. Here in Germany, I only get two english channels, so my TV consumption is mainly TV shows, DVDs and the movies.

Now most of you are thinking, “why not bounce around and check out the sights or travel?” Well for one, this year I didn’t ask the team to provide me with a car, as I’m centrally located and the inner New Yorker in me doesn’t mind walking around…though grocery shopping is a pain.

And second, I enjoy my down time. I enjoy relaxing, getting away from the stresses of the job and getting lost in a show or movie. Though I do find myself developing a hermit lifestyle and becoming somewhat of a recluse ala the Grinch, sitting atop his mountain with his dog. But the Grinch didn’t have a flat screen, multiple seasons of great television series and movies as he peered out his balcony, bothered by the joy everyone else in Who-Ville was having with their daily activities. Read the rest of this entry »