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San Jose Sharks v Los Angeles Kings - Game One

This isn’t news to you at this point, but Raffi Torres is not somebody who learns a quick lesson. He hit someone illegally then got suspended for it then hit some one then got suspended for it then hit so…I could go on for awhile.

His latest foray into suspension territory was a head shot he dropped on Jarret Stoll, who missed the entire second round of playoffs because of it. Torres sat out with him, removing himself from action which forced him to watch his team lose a tight playoff series by a single goal. That must’ve been awfully painful, so you have to think he found himself in constant regret for his error which potentially cost him and his team a series victory.

Hahahaha, naw, I’m kidding with you, he’d drop that shoulder into Stoll’s head again.

“I still feel like it was a clean hit. I didn’t do anything that I don’t think I’ll do again.”

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New York Rangers v Boston Bruins - Game Five

The New York Rangers have been eliminated from playoffs, which means it’s time for exit interviews with both the team and media. Apparently Brian Boyle (of the amazing Boyle clan) wasn’t happy with his play, and feels like he brought shame on his family with it. A little dramatic, a little intense. But I like how hard he’s being on himself, because you know he intends to bring it next year.

From Andrew Gross, Rangers beat writer for The Record (New Jersey):

I’m sort of a huge Darryl Sutter fan, so his post-game presser after the Kings Game 6 Sunday night loss to the Sharks really made my Monday morning. Tough to be more honest than this. It’s also tough to say so little while pretty clearly implying reporters are idiots.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins - Game Seven

One of my favourite things about older players is that they’re more prone to honesty, given everything they’ve been through in the NHL. They’ve built their reputations, proven themselves, and tend to open up a little bit more as they get on in years.

Jaromir Jagr is one of those “on in years” players, and in reflecting on his time with the New York Rangers prior to playing them in a best-of-seven series (starting tonight), he made some awfully interesting comments about himself.

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paul maclean walrus

Brian Burke was the front-runner for a long time, but I’m pretty sure this Brandon Prust quote just took the lead and won’t look back.

After the Senators/Canadiens game yesterday, Paul MacLean made the comment that if he were Eller, he’d be upset with “61″ (Rafael Diaz) for making the pass. Brandon Prust, your thoughts on his thoughts:

Here’s the question that prompted the answer:

What did you think about what Paul MacLean said about not recognizing the name of Diaz, and having trouble searching for Eller’s name, that he wasn’t even familiar with the players. Any thought on that?

Prust led with “He’s shown enough disrespect over there today.”

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Nashville Predators v Colorado Avalanche

Last night I paid my debt to the boys on the Backhand Shelf Podcast and settled in to do my Forced Watching duties, which entailed watching and writing about the Colorado/Calgary game. That post will run shortly after this one, but Giguere’s comments seemed a little more newsworthy than my thoughts, so we’ll start with those.

The facts:

* The Colorado Avalanche are in 30th place of 30 NHL teams, a full three points behind Florida & Calgary for 28th/29th

* Last night they lost to Calgary, moving closer to their “goal” of last place and the highest pick in the draft

* A draft system that rewards team for losing is bulls**t

* Any man or woman who doesn’t have enough personal pride to say “I’m too proud to roll over and not give it my best is also bulls**t, and JS Giguere called his team on it last night.

In two of my four college seasons, our team finished last in the conference. It’s not fun. Last most bad teams, the cause was mostly being less talented than our opponents, but problems snowball, and that’s what Giguere got at. The games move from your top priority to a hindrance to your social schedule (especially for young bucks), and when you have some guys checked out and others not…inner-dressing room fireworks ensue.

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Boston Bruins v Toronto Maple leafs

Today Jonas Siegel of TSN wrote a column on Jake Gardiner, which included a few quotes from the Leafs’ struggling young defenseman. And by “struggling,” I mean “struggling to earn the games and minutes some think he deserves.”  If you haven’t picked it up yet, I’m among those people (I wrote this, after all.)

And, with Ryan O’Byrne in tonight, it’s possible he could once again find himself in the press box.

Here’s what Gardiner had to say in the piece, which caught my eye (emphasis mine): Read the rest of this entry »