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Minnesota Wild v Vancouver Canucks

When Roberto Luongo was pulled off the ice at the end of practice, a number of people speculated there was a deal in place. Hell, he even thought so. There wasn’t.

Instead, Luongo held a press conference explaining where he’s at, offering the following quotes.
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"Who's this effin' Feaster guy?"

“Who’s this effin’ Feaster clown?”

In the wake of the Iginla-to-Pittsburgh trade fiasco, Bruins’ GM Peter Chiarelli held a press conference to…to say…well, to say that he’s pretty pissed about how this all went down.


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Pic from Philip Pritchard's Twitter, AKA @keeperofthecup

Pic from Philip Pritchard’s Twitter, AKA @keeperofthecup

You may recall that Tim Thomas opted out of visiting the White House when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup because his political views differed from that of President Obama, and it sort of served as a launching point for the Tim Thomas Is A Different Cat campaign we saw over the remainder of the year.

Well, today is the Los Angeles Kings day to visit the White House, so Dustin Penner dropped this on his Twitter feed:

SHOTS FIRED. (And that’s not a statement on US involvement overseas, you guys, calm down.)


Washington Capitals v New York Rangers

Alex Ovechkin has been on a tear of late, scoring a goal in his last five games, and racking up nine points over that span. The NHL recently took notice, and named him their first star of the week. When asked about it, he came out with this gem:

“I just try to do my best. Right now I’m scoring goals and I’m the king of the world. And a couple weeks ago I was almost in the toilet. So maybe you just forget to flush me.”

If you recall, some in the media had, indeed, flushed him (*cough*Milbury*cough*).

The Capitals have three straight wins, and suddenly sit two points out of a playoff spot. If Ovechkin can continue producing even half as much as he has over the past handful of games, don’t be surprised to see the Caps keep climbing.

“It feel normal. Like long time. It feels like kind of excited.

Sometimes it’s just lucky shot, sometimes it’s lucky bounce. Linemates have to do very good job to find me. They did and I just have to put puck in the net.”

Ah yes, so simple. Love that these quotes are written verbatim.

Ekman-Larsson, or "Harry Potter" as his teammates call him

Ekman-Larsson, or “Harry Potter” as his teammates call him

While I can’t personally think of a car either of my parents would want less, the gesture is still sort of cool. Oliver Ekman-Larsson bought his parents an orange Lambo (do they even come in other colours?) to say thanks for everything they’ve done for him. “Thanks Oli. Don’t worry about us financially or anything, just make sure we have one really ostentatious super-conspicuous item.” 

I’m being a jerk again, I’m sorry, this is a pretty cool thing. I just did not see this coming from the uber-humble, extremely talented 21 year old d-man.

Here’s what he had to say, in an interview with Julie Robenhymer (by the way, I can’t find the original yet, so this is clumsily translated Swedish):

Before he went to the U.S. last fall he took the opportunity to make his first major purchase in life – an orange Lamborghini for his father Patrick.

“It was his dream car.  I don’t know if it still is, but know that it was at one point.

It was more a kind of gratitude gift for all he has done for me. The gift was for my mom, too. She doesn’t use it very often, but they have done so much for me and still do, so I wanted to give something back. They deserve it.”



That ish cray.

(Stick-tap to Petter Carnbro)


Update: I didn’t realize the family lived in a small town either. This is from correspondence with a Swedish reader:

I don’t think it’s out-of-line with his humble personality, I suspect that since he heard his dad say that he had thoughts of making it happen for him some day as a token of his appreciation.  But boy will that look out-of-place cruising around Karlskrona (a small town of 35k people down here on the southern coast).

Luke Fox of Sportsnet shared the above video of Brian Burke at the Easter Seals Dinner yesterday, in which Burke files his second entry of the day for quote of the year. “Today is not the day of my life where I start taking s*** from bums.”

(Via Kukla’s Korner)

I want to be Brian Burke's friend.

I want to be Brian Burke’s friend.

I can’t even handle how much I love this quote.

Can’t argue he built the team, can’t argue that they’re not doing well. Fannntastic line.