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So, apparently the Toronto Maple Leafs decided to spruce up their dressing room a bit. And hey, why not? They’ve got sacks on sacks on sacks of money, so they might as well operate in a top-notch facility, keep their building a place where players desire to be, and just generally keep things updated.

Leafs’ coach Randy Carlyle had this to say on it:

“I just thought the room looked dark and tired in places. A lot of things had to be updated, such as the carpet, but we’ve also added some artwork, like murals and photos. There will also be some changes to things like the stalls, that a modern-day player in Toronto is going to appreciate.”

Right on, right on, my man, my man.

While browsing Reddit Hockey this morning, I came across a video linked from the Sun News Network, and it is truly, truly awful.

Extensive Googling has led me to believe the host’s name is David Menzies. (UPDATE: It is, and he’s the same guy who told Brian Burke to stop hiding behind the gay flag.)

He thinks that Randy Carlyle thinks upgrading the room is going fix the Leafs problems. “Why not spend that money on a goalie or a first-line center?” Good point Menzies. Leafs hadn’t thought of that yet, just you. Both are readily available, too. He thought the quote warranted naming Randy Carlyle as the Sun News “Moron of the Morning,” which is a thing he’s decided is a solid feature to have on a show with his name on it.

Holy Martha Stewart, Batman.”


Let’s break it down.

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