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While Marc Savard (allegedly) found him delicious, Dan Carcillo is unlikely to do any biting of his own as he has a total of approximately three teeth.

While Marc Savard (allegedly) found him delicious, Dan Carcillo is unlikely to do any biting of his own as he has a total of approximately three teeth.


The human mouth is a filthy, filthy place. So is a hockey player once they’re more than a few minutes into a game, and the combination of the two is a not-uncommon occurrence in the NHL. Mikhail Grabovski’s (alleged) biting of Max Pacioretty’s arm, Alex Burrows’ (obvious) biting of Patrice Bergeron’s finger, Marc Savard’s (repeated) biting of everyone’s everything, and countless other incidents of mouth versus body part have grossed us all out year after year.

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It didn’t occur to me at the time, but when Rick DiPietro headed to Europe during the lockout, it may not have been to play goal. More accurately, it appears he was finding himself as a person, and honouring that.

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The worst franchise evar plays here. (Pic by Sumanch)

I know I’m not supposed to do this. I’m not supposed to let some arbitrary list created by random fan opinions bug me enough to write about it, therefore getting said list more pageviews, and more credibility.

But this list is terrible, and according to ESPN, represents the views of hockey fans. Why it’s terrible, specifically, is that it doesn’t. At all.

The poll results show the Toronto Maple Leafs as the current worst franchise in sports. As in, fans of the Leafs are having the worst experience of any team in any major sport. Get lost with that. (We’re in the clear, Isles fans!) Read the rest of this entry »

It’s since been deleted, but earlier today a few people were savvy enough to grab a screenshot of Nazem Kadri’s off-base tweet (assuming you’re the type who thinks kids snorting cocaine is off-base. I know my parents were sticklers about it).

Whether it was an accident, he was hacked, or he’s just oblivious, I have not idea.

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What a caption.

The picture you see above is from a New Zealand newspaper called the “The Mirror.” Fact-checking optional within, apparently.

Here’s the backstory, passed along by friend of the blog, Joel:

I play hockey in Queenstown, New Zealand for the Southern Stampede. It’s an amateur club in the top league in New Zealand called the NZIHL.

Anyways, we have a guy on our team named Matthew Schneider. He got injured in an inter squad game before the season started and has just recently come back. The only reason this might be of interest to you is that a local Queenstown, NZ paper seems to think he is Mathieu Schneider who played 20 years in the show and is coming out of retirement to help finish off the season, and lead us to another ship. Read the rest of this entry »

MacTavish's face in this conversation is too perfect.

Scott Howson has taken some abuse from, oh, I dunno, people like myself over the past year, largely because he seems hell-bent on keeping the Blue Jackets in the NHL’s basement.

One of the latest questions people have been asking is “Why did it take so long to get the Rick Nash deal done if the return he settled for can only be politely described as ‘underwhelming?’”

Well, turns out it’s because he was taking crazy pills this summer, and asking for crazy things. Those pills will do that to you. Read the rest of this entry »

Life’s pretty good for Tyler Seguin these days. He’s a good-looking 20 years old, just coming off a season of leading the Boston Bruins in points, doing okay financially and already has a Stanley Cup on his resume. Oh, and also, he’s single, and from a few pictures and stories we’ve seen, ready to mingle.

The Lowell Spinners are a minor league baseball team in Mass, and have decided to capitalize on his desirability.

Introducing “Speed dating with Tyler Seguin.”

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