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"I wish I was home with a big bag of potato chips. Mmmm, potato chips"

I do not envy Scott Howson. Sure, he makes more money than I’ll probably ever see and sure, he’s the general manager of an NHL team, a job that I obviously covet (I know you feel that seat getting hotter, Burke) but Scott Howson’s life is starting to get difficult. To be fair, he’s in a tricky situation. Any time your star player and the face of your franchise wants to be traded away from the team he is the star and face of, you’re probably not going to be loving your job. Regardless of fairness or morality, if a player wants to request a trade like they’re bored playing Madden’s Superstar Mode, it’s entirely within their right to do so.

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Not going to lie: I originally thought he was throwing up a gang sign in this picture, which I thought was a brave choice for an acne-ridden kid from a private school. (Gregory Shamus, Getty Images)

Easily the most surprising pick in the first round of the 2012 NHL Draft was the Calgary Flames picking Mark Jankowski with the 21st pick overall. Sure, it was surprising to see Filip Forsberg fall a little ways down and some of the defencemen like Slater Koekkoek get picked higher than expected, but Jankowski was slated to be a mid-second round pick at best, or so independent scouts would have you believe.

International Scouting Services had him ranked 55th overall, up from 85th in their midterm rankings, while NHL Central Scouting had him 43rd amongst North American skaters, up from 74th. TSN’s Bob McKenzie had him ranked 41st overall, while his colleague Craig Button was one of the few who didn’t see the pick as a stretch, having him ranked all the way up at 14th overall. Generally, however, the consensus was that Jankowski wasn’t going to go in the first round.

The Flames thought differently.

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Nail Yakupov is currently the favourite to go #1 in the NHL Draft tonight, but you never really know until it happens. After all, the Oilers do need a defenseman.

Ryan Murray is undeniably going in the first five picks as the top-rated D prospect, so…would the Oilers bypass the draft’s best player for its best defenseman?

Here’s a tweet from Ryan Murray’s brother Nathan this morning.

Innnnteresting. Very, very interesting.

(s/t to @mc79hockey and @mc91)

From a CBC News Report

You know those moments when someone or something takes itself WAY to seriously? If you don’t you will shortly, because Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador suspended Brian Cranford, head coach of the Mount Pearl Junior Blades from coaching for a year and fined his club $2,000.

“Why would they do that?” Is what you are probably asking yourself right now.

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See the puck. Be the puck.

In fact, I’d say he has a future in coaching ahead of him given his grasp of how to win hockey games:
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The beauty of the screencap

Tim Thomas unveiled himself as a very political individual this year and it appears to be more and more likely that his politics are the reason why he may be taking a year away from the game in 2012-13 — provided there is NHL hockey at all, of course.

Today Thomas posted a link to a news story which discusses the world’s economic future. He added the caption “See why hockey isn’t that important right now?” and deleted the post shortly thereafter.
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For those of you who missed it last night, yesterday’s Hockey Night in Canada kicked off with Ron MacLean loosely comparing hockey players to the first responding firefighters and police of 9/11. Needless to say, it didn’t go over very well with those people cognizant of the fact that one group saved and lost lives, the other gets paid a boatload of money to play a game.

Here’s the video:

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