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Ron in a smarter moment

In case you missed it earlier tonight, Ron MacLean has come under some heaping amounts of fire for his comments during the pre-game from tonight’s Rangers and Capitals game where he compares the two teams to their hometown’s first responders on September 11.

Our good friends at Puck Daddy put together a transcript of what Ron says:

“From the capital of the U.S. of A., it’s New York and Washington. The economic and political engines of America, united in the birth of the country, they’re also linked in tragedy. They were the twin targets of the coordinated attacks on 9/11. It’s crazy to compare what the emergency responders did during that time, but a spirit has to start somewhere. And as you enjoy this series between the New York Rangers and the Washington Capitals — Game 6 comin’ up, 3-2 New York — you can’t help but be struck by the players and the way they’ve played these games.

“They are like police officers. They are like firefighters. You can’t fight fire with ego. Brad [Richards] knows that. The pain these men have faced. The price they keep on paying. The hearts they keep on lifting. It’s been through and through, five games in. You see the commitment, they’re ready to go again this evening in Game 6 at Verizon Center in Washington.

“We all know about the firefighters. Our worst day is their every day. Been a joy to watch.”

Here’s the video.
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Earlier today Barry Trotz revealed that the Nashville Predators will be (healthy) scratching Alexander Radulov and Andrei Kostitsyn for Game 4 of their Western Conference semi-final series versus Phoenix. Their suspension is over, but they won last game, so they’re going to stick with the same roster.

This is incredibly stupid.

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Photo evidence

Lost in the fun of Clowe-gate 2012 was the fact that some nasty business occurred between the Kings and Sharks during their first meeting of the week just a few days ago. That time it was Kyle Clifford doing the hitting as Couture went face first into the bench. Fast forward two days and it was Mike Richards hitting Couture from behind into the sideboards. Either way, Logan’s face probably hurts.

The real part of this one that mystifies me is how Richards gets off with just a two minute minor. There was literally no judgement call to be made beyond “Hey I can read the nameplate on this guy’s jersey, probably shouldn’t put his teeth into the glass,” but alas, he did it anyways.
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The aftermath

Brendan Shanahan will be looking at some film tonight after the Capitals’ Jason Chimera absolutely demolished the Bruins’ Adam McQuaid with six minutes to play in the first period. Chimera was ejected from the game after a charging major penalty and game misconduct.

It’s pretty tough to argue this hit as being anything but dirty. Sure, there’s the argument to be made that McQuaid turned his body at the last second but it doesn’t hold much water since it would have likely been a charging/boarding call before McQuaid turned, as evidenced by the angle when you freeze frame the clip below at roughly the 0:12-0:14 second mark. This hit was all kinds of nasty.

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So pretty

Screwing up a national anthem is pretty embarrassing business. Not only are you singing a song, you’re singing it in front of thousands of people AND you’re doing it wrong. Not to mention in the 21st Century you are immediately posted to the internet for years of ridicule and appearances on top 10 lists.

This is one of those posts.

You were all here a little earlier this week when the Buffalo Sabres were privy to their anthem singer botching the Canadian anthem in odd fashion before their game against the Carolina Hurricanes.

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Cory Schneider isn't very old

The one thing to take away from this is thank every deity the Winnipeg Jets are back (sorry, Thrashers fans), because the fact there are NHLers whose knowledge of classic teams is restricted to retro video games – I’m looking at you, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

Don’t believe me? Cory Schneider’s memory of the real Jets is playing them in NHL 94 on the Sega Genesis which for the record was WAYYYYYYY cooler than the SNES. Yeah, I said it.

At any rate, that’s a little sobering, no? I mean they haven’t been gone THAT long have they? Sure, 15 years is a long time but the extent of players memories of that team is now video game folklore and fun throwback jersey ideas? I’m suddenly depressed.

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Those three guys are a big reason why

Boy that Bruce Boudreau guy really sucks at coaching. It’s his fault the Washington Capitals weren’t getting it done. Look at how well they’ve rebounded since they canned him! Anaheim were a bunch of fools for hiring him. They haven’t done anything. Let’s trade Bobby Ryan AND Ryan Getzlaf! That’ll fix everything!

Funny thing, hockey. Just a few short weeks ago we were speculating on which Ducks would be headed out of town and for what. Now, they’re just a handful of points outside of the playoffs and Bruce Boudreau probably should be in the talks for the Jack Adams if they pull it off. The team which forced us all to speculate as to how so much talent was getting so few results is now on the verge of being right where they should have been all along.

If the Ducks find a way to complete their comeback, it’ll be the biggest in NHL history. Fail for Nail? No chance as Randy Youngman informs us. Read the rest of this entry »