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If this doesn't make you want to barf/pass out/scream just a little, then there's something basically wrong with you.


February 10th, 2008

Buffalo, NY

Midway through the third period, the Florida Panthers are trailing the Sabres by one goal. Olli Jokinen nails Clarke MacArthur in Buffalo’s end, but trips over his legs as he falls. As Jokinen’s skates come up off the ice, Richard Zednik skates directly into one of them. With his neck. Hard. Zednik falls to the ice, but the first massive spray of arterial blood hits before he does. He grabs the right side of his neck, and flies toward the bench. He’s met on the ice by Florida trainer Dave Zenobi, who immediately holds pressure on his neck. Teammate Jassen Cullimore skates in to help him off the ice, and one of Buffalo’s training staff runs in with more towels, frantically signaling for help. Buffalo team physician Leslie Bisson meets the panicked group in the tunnel, and as they half-drag/half-carry Zednik to the dressing room, the Florida bench and surrounding fans are yelling for more medical staff. Read the rest of this entry »