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Lately we’ve seen growth in a relatively new style of website. These sites are designed solely to tell you one thing, and one thing only. For example, you could buy the domain name, and update it to simply the word, in huge font, NO today (it’s still early, gimme time). That way people could go to that site, and boom, instant info.

Of course, they’re all meant to be a joke, and frankly, I think they’re jokes that hit. The Kings had a number of them going for awhile during the past season.

Welp, here’s the latest: Poor, poor Rick DiPietro…

It tells you a few more details than just “yes” or “no,” but the idea’s the same. Be sure to bookmark it Islanders fans- it includes a ticker of days left on his current contract! (Warning: number may give you an aneurysm .)