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I don’t think I can make head or tail of the report that Evander Kane is apparently on the market. I blame Reneau Lavoie of RDS, I think, for posting a vague message on his Twitter account that suggested Kane might want out of Winnipeg:

Not based in Quebec, I can’t say I know too much of the overall outlet from a critical perspective, but anecdotally, I’d suggest that they’re a lot more “miss” than “hit” when it comes to rumours of this magnitude. It may have something to do with a language barrier and a few reports making their way to the desk are lost in translation and not a lack of journalistic due diligence.

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Facebook is apparently one of the big news sources for Backhand Shelf these days. This time, a fake account!

A link to “Linus Omark’s Facebook page” was shared on Twitter earlier today that got people (me included) all worked up. It read like this:

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Not likely, but I’m getting a kick out of it, so let’s talk about the possibility (and hey, and it’s not like I’m pulling it out of thin air).

Here are the facts:

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