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You won’t find this commercial on this list, because Kolzig is awesome.

Big-name athletes, like actors, are celebrities. As celebrities, they’re often asked to appear in commercials, either to endorse products or promote their team and their league. Unlike actors, however, the vast majority of them cannot act. At all. This is particularly true of NHL players, most of whom have their personalities surgically removed in Junior and are confused by any dialogue that isn’t “It’s good to get the two points” and “We have to play a full 60 minutes.”

Most directors realize this and either give NHL players a great concept that doesn’t require good acting (Daniel and Henrik Sedin as dancing Swedish twins) or hire Alex Ovechkin and give him no material to work with (Ovechkin for Eastern Motors) and end up with a great (or “great” in the case of Eastern Motors) commercial.

Some directors, however, haven’t figured this out and actually ask NHL players to recite dialogue and emote. This is usually a mistake and NHL players have given some of the worst acting performances in the history of commercials. Here are 10 of them. Anybody expecting Adam Oates’s infamous “Loose Rebounds” commercial, look elsewhere: that’s some great acting with some terrible material.

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