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This morning over at Puck Daddy, Mr. Wyshynski brought to light something I was unaware of. Apparently, it’s possible to circumvent the cap twice on one deal.

Three years ago, Daniel Alfredsson – an elite NHL player and captain of the Ottawa Senators – signed a three year deal. Actually, check that – it was a three year deal masquerading as four years, so the Sens could drop a year on the end that would pay him $1 million to drastically bring down his cap hit. Presumably, neither Alfie nor the Sens thought he’d be returning to play that final season (that, or they thought ahead about the whole double circumvention move).

That last year (or years, in the case of some recent deals) of the contract is a little shady, and as most hockey people would agree. For example, the other years on that deal he made $7M, $7M, and $4.5M, a total cap hit of $6.166M. With the “circumvention year,” his cap hit is a comfy $4.875M.

So to steal a point from Wysh, if Daniel Alfredsson were to return, he’d train all summer and abuse his body for another NHL season to make slightly less than Bobby Butler?

Presenting loophole #2.

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